Ten Tips for Caring for Your Betta Fish

Written by Amanda Fenton

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5. The PH of your tank should be at exactly 7.0. You can get a PH testing kit at your pet store along with solutions to minimize or increaserepparttar PH of your water.

6. When you cleanrepparttar 148717 plants, rocks, or decorations inrepparttar 148718 bowl you should never use soap on them. Itís very hard to completely rinse all soap from these items andrepparttar 148719 soap residue can harm or even kill your Betta. Instead, use warm water and an abrasive brush to clean his things.

7. Keep your Betta tank, jar, or bowl covered! Your Beta will jump and you donít want him to end up flopping onrepparttar 148720 tabletop! Keepingrepparttar 148721 water level at least two inches fromrepparttar 148722 top ofrepparttar 148723 tank should also cut down on this problem.

8. Your Betta is a meat eater and likes live foods, such as brine shrimprepparttar 148724 best. Frozen bloodworms are also a good choice for your meat eater. Most Betta fish will happily eatrepparttar 148725 Betta pellets sold at most pet stores. For a special treat every now and again you should offer some live food! Youíll have fun watching him eat it up!

9. Do not decorate your Betta bowl with rocks or marbles that may cause your Betta to get stuck between or under them. Be sure that they are a flat smooth surface that provides no risk torepparttar 148726 health of your fish.

10. Remember that your fish is a living, breathing responsibility. You need to feed, clean, and care for your Betta just like you would any other pet. If heís sick take him torepparttar 148727 vet, if heís hungry feed him, if his home is dirty, clean it.

Thatís it! These ten tips for caring for your Betta fish will have you well on your way to keeping a healthy fish. Internet Betta Groups or library books can be a great source of information should you want to learn more about your finned friend!

Amanda Fenton is a Betta fish lover and contributing writer to http://www.bettafishcenter.com, a site providing information and tips on betta fish care.

Stop Cat Scratching Today!

Written by Brad Knell

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If your cat likes catnip, rub some intorepparttar sisal rope onrepparttar 148607 post. Hanging his favorite toy onrepparttar 148608 top ofrepparttar 148609 post will help get his attention also.

The first time he usesrepparttar 148610 post you need to heap lots of praise on him, pet him, give him a treat and let him know that he is a 'good boy.' Cats do not relate punishment torepparttar 148611 behavior they are engaged in but they do understand very well when they have done something that pleases you if you communicate that effectively. It shouldn't take long for your cat to figure things out if you use this strategy.

Our cat Milo is hillarious! Now when he needs to scratch he sits in front ofrepparttar 148612 post, reaches up to scratch, stops and turns to make sure we are watching him and then does his business. Then he turns to us as if to say, 'hey, aren't I a good boy?'

Brad Knell is the webmaster at http://www.stopcatscratching.com which is one of a series of websites created to help people with their pet problems.

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