Ten Tips For Hiring A Contractor

Written by Steve Gillman

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7. Thinking there will be no problems. Weather delays, employees quitting, and more will happen. Having problems is okay, but it's not okay ifrepparttar contractor can't work outrepparttar 146536 issues to your satisfaction.

8. Expecting neatness. Believe it or not, it is sometimes efficient to leave things laying where they'll next be used. There will be messes, so prepare accordingly. Cover things if it will be a dusty job, for example. Also be clear inrepparttar 146537 contract thatrepparttar 146538 jobsite will be cleaned up atrepparttar 146539 end ofrepparttar 146540 job.

9. Not having penalties inrepparttar 146541 contract. This is important on large jobs. It's one thing to say "Work to be completed by May 2nd," but better to add, "$100 per day to be deducted fromrepparttar 146542 contract price for each dayrepparttar 146543 job is unfinished beyond May 2nd." That's what I call a motivational clause.

10. Thinking contracts will prevent problems. They help, but unreasonable people on either side of a contract can ignore them, or use "literal readings" to make things even worse. Find someone you can work with, and keep your eyes open.


First in iran, but nowrepparttar 146544 whole world is crazy about carpets and rugs of all sorts, some using them as makeshift beds too.

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Making The Most Of A Small Bathroom

Written by Steven Cooper

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Then itís time to targetrepparttar high-level spaces Ė stylish hooks and hangers can effectively replacerepparttar 146485 need for bulky closets, whilst a large ladder style heated towel rail can happily accommodate all necessary towels and dressing gowns.

Donít just give up onrepparttar 146486 difficult or unusual spaces your bathroom may present to you. Corner fitting WCs and basins can squeeze in torepparttar 146487 tightest of spots, whilst short projection bathroom furniture and ceramic ware options should also prove equally economic with space.

3 - Get multifunctional

If space is really at a premium, try selecting bathroom fittings and fixtures that serve more than one purpose. Choosing a combined shower bath will allow yourepparttar 146488 option of relaxed bathing or rapid and refreshing showering without occupyingrepparttar 146489 amount of space otherwise needed. Then thereísrepparttar 146490 dual functionality ofrepparttar 146491 heated towel rail, working as both a radiator and a storage feature, or bathroom cabinets that provide shelf space, lighting and mirrors.

Finally, look to combine individual bathroom items to create harmonious multifunctional bathroom features. An inset ceramic basin can be housed on top of a short projection vanity unit to create a stylish washstand with ample low-level storage.

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