Ten Things You Should Know Before Buying Educational Toys

Written by Michelle Andrews

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5.Ways of use: Canrepparttar toy be used in many different positions? Can it be used in different kinds of play?

6.Popularity: Is it a popular toy? Can it be tied-in with other media such as storybooks, television or movies?

7.Flexibility: Does it have adjustable volume, speed, and level of difficulty?

8.Opportunities for interaction: Doesrepparttar 145235 toy provide a chance for you or other children to be involved? Will it build social skills?

9.Individuality and growth: Willrepparttar 145236 toy engage your child in activities that indicaterepparttar 145237 child's developmental age and growth? Does it reflectrepparttar 145238 child's interests?

10.Safety and durability: Isrepparttar 145239 toy durable, considering your child's age and strength? Is it safe?

So, giving your childrepparttar 145240 right toys will be benefit for all. Your child's play time is not only a time of fun and development for them, but can also be a great way for you to relax and enjoy your child's company. With educational toys, you can follow, supervise and direct your child's development, and find great thrill and amusement in their playtime activities.

Michelle Andrews, a former middle school teacher who now stays home with his three children. He wrote "Parent's Guide on How to Raise a Smart Child by Choosing the Right Educational Toys." Visit his Website EducationaltoysGuide.com at http://www.educationaltoysguide.com

Taking Great Birthday Party Pictures

Written by Mike Dougherty "Grandpa Mike"

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I spent a lot of years as a professional videographer,(I even won a regional Emmy) so when it comes to taking pictures and shooting video, I know what I'm talking about.

First of all, if you don't have time to take pictures yourself, make sure you ask (someone you can trust) to be your "official" photographer and or videographer...

Don't pose all your pictures... Literally "capture" some ofrepparttar action ofrepparttar 145205 kid activities you've planned... Take pictures of your guests as they arrive (especially if it's a costume party).

Take pictures of your child and their guests playing birthday party games, doing crafts, playing with balloons and anything else they do...

After a while, your guests will forget aboutrepparttar 145206 cameras and you'll be able to capture some excellent candid shots.

Don't pose your subjects in front of any windows. The outside sunlight will cause your subjects faces to be much too dark, even if you use a flash.

And remember, you can give some of your guests disposable cameras so you'll be sure to get some "kid's point of view" shots.

Polaroid cameras are also great because everyone can see polaroid pictures soon after you've taken them and you can even let your guests take their picture home as a party favor.

So remember

Get all your cameras ready well in advance so that when your birthday child gets ready to blow outrepparttar 145207 candles on that very special cake, you'll be more than ready to capturerepparttar 145208 moment on film or video.

Who knows, that shot could turn out to be a wonderful family heirloom!

For more great information and tips to help you put together a fun kid birthday party, visit us at Fun-Kid-Birthday-Parties.com

Mike Dougherty is a regional Emmy award winning videographer and is now the webmaster for Fun-Kid-Birthday-Parties.com

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