Ten Steps To A Well Optimized Website - Step Eight: Link Building

Written by Dave Davies

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Prepare For The Future

Just because a rule applies today does not mean that it will tomorrow. This is true in on-site SEO as well as link building. If generic recip links work today consider whether you believe it’s inrepparttar best interest of your targeted engine to keep it this way. Asrepparttar 128086 answer will undoubtedly be “no” it’s in your best interest to insure that you takerepparttar 128087 extra time to build links that will still be valuable months and even a year from now to save yourself a drop inrepparttar 128088 rankings and additional work later.

Directory Listings

Having your website listed in quality directories is perhaps one ofrepparttar 128089 most valuable things you can do for it in regards to inbound links. Directories link DMOZ (http://www.dmoz.org/) and Yahoo (http://dir.yahoo.com/) hold significant weight. Google draws it’s directory results from DMOZ and Yahoo draws it’s directory results from, well, Yahoo. These links are given a lot of weight.

Make sure that you submit your website to both of these directories and if they’re not listed a couple months downrepparttar 128090 road, try again (and you may want to try a slightly different category if a relevant one exists as you may have hit one ofrepparttar 128091 many overworked editors who’s getting behind).

Aside from these two there are literally thousand of other directories our there. Look for others and submit your site. Some may charge a fee. If this isrepparttar 128092 case take a look atrepparttar 128093 page your site would be listed on, take a look atrepparttar 128094 PageRank,repparttar 128095 number of outbound links onrepparttar 128096 page and determine whether it’s worthrepparttar 128097 price. I’ve seen directories charging $10 for a permanent PageRank 5 link on a page with 3 other outbound links (though this number is certain to grow over time). Well worthrepparttar 128098 $10 investment.

You can find may great directories using search engines and, of course,repparttar 128099 major directories. For example, were I looking for topical directories a great place to start would be http://directory.google.com/Top/Reference/Directories/ inrepparttar 128100 Google directory.

Non-Reciprocal Link Building Tactics

There are a number of other tactics for building non-reciprocal links. Here we will outline three ofrepparttar 128101 most popular:

1. Articles 2. Press Releases 3. Paid Links


Writing articles is a great way of getting inbound links and generating quality traffic. Articles give yourepparttar 128102 opportunity to controlrepparttar 128103 content onrepparttar 128104 linking page meaning that you can guarantee that it is totally relevant, it’s a one-way link, and it’s a link that you’ll actually get traffic from.

Let’s assume that you run a small computer shop. Why not write an article about how to troubleshoot a common Windows problem (no no, it’s true … Windows can be a bit buggy every now and then). The next step is to simple find places to submit your article to and do just that. From experience I would highly recommend keeping a list in your favorites ofrepparttar 128105 sites you submit to. If you decide to publish another article you probably don’t want to have to find them all from scratch again.

If you were looking for places to submit to you would run searches onrepparttar 128106 major search engines for “my topic articles” (in this case a search for “windows errors articles” and “computer troubleshooting articles” would be great places to start). If you find a lot of results only post their own articles you may want to addrepparttar 128107 word “submit” torepparttar 128108 string.

Press Releases

Press releases are another great way to attain one-way inbound links. If you have news that you feel worth telling, submit a press release about it. While you’ll probably want to manually submit your site torepparttar 128109 key online publishers, services such as PRWeb (http://www.prweb.com/) exist to submit your press release to a large audience at a very reasonable price.

Like articles, ifrepparttar 128110 news is good you’re likely to get quality traffic from a press realease and on top of that, you are likely to get some good, related links to your website.

Paid Links

Paid links are links from other websites purchased solely forrepparttar 128111 value ofrepparttar 128112 link rather than for direct clicks. Paid links have become so popular that auction sites have sprouted up for just this purpose and they can even be bought on eBay now.

There is no particular problem with paid links per-se however I would recommend applyingrepparttar 128113 same criteria that you would to reciprocal links. If you are going to purchase links, only purchase them from related sites and try to make surerepparttar 128114 link is not buried down atrepparttar 128115 bottom ofrepparttar 128116 page.

Run-of-site links (links that appear on every page) are not significantly more valuable than single links onrepparttar 128117 homepage other than forrepparttar 128118 traffic. If you’ve purchased a link in a good location and on a good site you’re likely to get some good traffic from it. In fact, this isrepparttar 128119 general rule I go into any paid link arrangement with – purchaserepparttar 128120 link forrepparttar 128121 traffic. Ifrepparttar 128122 link increases my PageRank it’s a great bonus but if I’ve boughtrepparttar 128123 link forrepparttar 128124 traffic and I’m getting it, thenrepparttar 128125 link becomes secondary.

Link Building Tools

Because link building has become so important to improve search engine positioning a number of great tools have been developed to help inrepparttar 128126 process. While I couldn’t possible list them all here there have been two developments by a company named TopNet Solutions than have truly impressed me and which arerepparttar 128127 only tools that I use in every link building campaign.

PR Prowler (http://www.beanstalk-inc.com/resources/recommended/pr-prowler.htm) PR Prowler from TopNet Solutions searchesrepparttar 128128 web based on your specific criteria providing results with a minimum PageRank that you determine. A very handy tool for your link-building efforts.

Total Optimizer Pro (http://www.beanstalk-inc.com/resources/recommended/top.htm) When we first purchased PR Prowler we thought we've foundrepparttar 128129 ultimate link building tool. That was, until we found Total Optimizer Pro. Made byrepparttar 128130 same folks who put out PR Prowler this tool rips apart and tells you everything there is to know about your competitor's backlinks,repparttar 128131 anchor text used to link to them,repparttar 128132 PageRank distribution of their incoming links and much more.

If you have any questions about these tools or how they are used feel free to contact me (dave@beanstalk-inc.com). I’m happy to answer any questions that you might have.

Next Week

Next week in part nine of our "Ten Steps To an Optimized Website" series we will be coveringrepparttar 128133 importance of monitoring. This isn’t simply checkingrepparttar 128134 rankings of your primary phrase every now and then but a scheduled check of allrepparttar 128135 key components on your optimization and search engine positioning efforts.

Dave Davies and Beanstalk offer guaranteed search engine positioning. Dave is available to answer any questions that you may have about your website and how to get it into the top positions on the major search engines. Read Dave's other search engine positioning articles.

Ten Steps To A Well Optimized Website - Step 9: Monitoring

Written by Dave Davies

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SEO newsletters can definitely help keep you on top of what's going on however you have to know who to listen to. Here are a few from people/organizations I have found worthy of my respect (not to say these arerepparttar only ones but I can't list everyone here so I'm listingrepparttar 128085 three top SEO newsletters).

Climbing The Beanstalk - Beanstalk Search Engine Positioning's own bi-weekly newsletter. Of course we have to include it and if you're enjoying this article andrepparttar 128086 ones before it you're likely enjoyrepparttar 128087 newsletter as well. You can findrepparttar 128088 subscription box inrepparttar 128089 right-hand navigation.

ISEDB Newsletter - a weekly newsletter with links to a variety of articles. Gives a very balanced look at search engines, what's going on, and SEO tactics. Subscription can be found atrepparttar 128090 bottom ofrepparttar 128091 homepage.

High Rankings Advisor - a newsletter put out by Jill Whalen. I may not agree with everything she writes but she knows what she's taking about and is definitely worth reading. She gives a balanced look at SEO in easy-to-understand terminology.


Forums are perhaps one ofrepparttar 128092 best places to find up-to-date information onrepparttar 128093 search engines. Because they are updated constantly and by numerous individuals you will haverepparttar 128094 benefit of many opinions and perspectives. The downfall is you have to know whom you can trust and who's knowledgeable. Some quality forums can be found at:

There are of course tons of other resources out there and you'll just have to keep hunting until you find them all (or subscribe to some newsletters and ask in some forums where you might find additional information).

Next Week Next week in part ten of our "Ten Steps To An Optimized Website" series we will be coveringrepparttar 128095 extras not mentioned in earlier parts. This isn't simply checkingrepparttar 128096 rankings of your primary phrase every now and then but a scheduled check of allrepparttar 128097 key components on your optimization and search engine positioning efforts.

Dave Davies isrepparttar 128098 owner of Beanstalk Search Engine Positioning. He has been optimizing and ranking websites for over three years and has a solid history of success. Dave is available to answer any questions that you may have about your website and how to get it intorepparttar 128099 top positions onrepparttar 128100 major search engines. Read Dave's other search engine positioning articles.

Dave Davies and Beanstalk offer guaranteed search engine positioning. He has been optimizing and ranking websites for over three years and has a solid history of success.

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