Ten Steps To A Well Optimized Website - Step 9: Monitoring

Written by Dave Davies

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SEO newsletters can definitely help keep you on top of what's going on however you have to know who to listen to. Here are a few from people/organizations I have found worthy of my respect (not to say these arerepparttar only ones but I can't list everyone here so I'm listingrepparttar 128085 three top SEO newsletters).

Climbing The Beanstalk - Beanstalk Search Engine Positioning's own bi-weekly newsletter. Of course we have to include it and if you're enjoying this article andrepparttar 128086 ones before it you're likely enjoyrepparttar 128087 newsletter as well. You can findrepparttar 128088 subscription box inrepparttar 128089 right-hand navigation.

ISEDB Newsletter - a weekly newsletter with links to a variety of articles. Gives a very balanced look at search engines, what's going on, and SEO tactics. Subscription can be found atrepparttar 128090 bottom ofrepparttar 128091 homepage.

High Rankings Advisor - a newsletter put out by Jill Whalen. I may not agree with everything she writes but she knows what she's taking about and is definitely worth reading. She gives a balanced look at SEO in easy-to-understand terminology.


Forums are perhaps one ofrepparttar 128092 best places to find up-to-date information onrepparttar 128093 search engines. Because they are updated constantly and by numerous individuals you will haverepparttar 128094 benefit of many opinions and perspectives. The downfall is you have to know whom you can trust and who's knowledgeable. Some quality forums can be found at:

There are of course tons of other resources out there and you'll just have to keep hunting until you find them all (or subscribe to some newsletters and ask in some forums where you might find additional information).

Next Week Next week in part ten of our "Ten Steps To An Optimized Website" series we will be coveringrepparttar 128095 extras not mentioned in earlier parts. This isn't simply checkingrepparttar 128096 rankings of your primary phrase every now and then but a scheduled check of allrepparttar 128097 key components on your optimization and search engine positioning efforts.

Dave Davies isrepparttar 128098 owner of Beanstalk Search Engine Positioning. He has been optimizing and ranking websites for over three years and has a solid history of success. Dave is available to answer any questions that you may have about your website and how to get it intorepparttar 128099 top positions onrepparttar 128100 major search engines. Read Dave's other search engine positioning articles.

Dave Davies and Beanstalk offer guaranteed search engine positioning. He has been optimizing and ranking websites for over three years and has a solid history of success.

New Year's Resolutions: Is Improving Your Website One of Them?

Written by Nardo Kuitert and Aimee Cremasco

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* Analyze your SWOT Perform an in-depth analysis to comparerepparttar Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) of your competitor's online presence to your own. A qualified SEO firm can enhance your site's usability and navigation, implement ethical optimization techniques, and provide eye-catching design.

* Evaluate your website development goals It's never too late to write or re-evaluate your website's mission statement-not necessarily for publication, but rather to create your own benchmarks. This will help you set goals and concentrate your efforts on critical issues to achieve and exceed those goals.

* Know your audience An old adage says: "you can't be everything to everyone." Fortunately, your website can be various things to various audiences. Success comes from having a clear understanding of your target market(s). By creating diverse navigation paths and reader-specific content-for buyers, vendors, job seekers or investors-your conversion rates will increase dramatically.

* Enhance website usability Effective website navigation must flow effortlessly. If visitors cannot quickly and easily pinpointrepparttar 128084 information they seek, they're very likely to leave your site and click torepparttar 128085 competition.

An IBM study reveals that every dollar invested to increase usability earns $10-$100 in benefits, winning customer satisfaction and loyalty.

* Measure success and failure Read your log files and tracking tools! Website traffic analysis is essential to accurately measure your site's performance. In-depth analysis will show you how to increase traffic, trace your search engine referrals, monitor link campaigns, and make necessary changes to achieve your desired results.

...Applyrepparttar 128086 Power of SEO Your website hasrepparttar 128087 power to be a highly effective marketing tool-but just because you built it doesn't mean they'll come. If you optimize it, however, they're much more likely to come ... and stay a while.

Anyone can learn search engine optimization and website usability. But if lack of time and interest is holding you back, enlistrepparttar 128088 help of website optimizers and SEO copywriters to complement your design team and ultimately increase revenue.

A word torepparttar 128089 wise: ensure thatrepparttar 128090 SEO firm you choose works strictly withinrepparttar 128091 confines of best practices-safe and ethical search engine optimization strategies. Unethical SEO tactics may seriously harm your rankings, and even get your site banned from search engines altogether.

On behalf of Word Associates and U-C WEBS, we wish you a happy, healthy & profitable 2005!

~~ Nardo Kuitert is a Website Optimizer with U-C WEBS (http://www.u-cwebs.com/). A heuristic usability evaluation will provide you with a first step towards greater visitor conversions.

~~ Aimee Cremasco, Founder and Sr. Copywriter of Word Associates (http://www.wordassociates.ca/), produces compelling content to help websites achieve top search engine rankings & ultimately increase conversion rates.

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