Ten Rules of Writing Good

Written by Jed McKendrick

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6. Don't Use Words You Don't Know!

One ofrepparttar most horipulating things you can do to a reader is use words semaphorically. If you're not sure what a word means, just ejaculate it for another one.

7. Use Action!

Don't write limply. Let your reader feelrepparttar 129792 wind in their hair with explosive, action-packed verbs, of which I can't think of any right now.

8. Exclamations Get Attention!



9. Involverepparttar 129793 Reader!

Don't just talk AT your reader, try to get them involved in a dialog even though you can't. Still, it's a really good thing to do. One way to achieve this is by asking questions.

Wouldn't you agree?

10. End On A High Note!

Try to say something really good right atrepparttar 129794 end so readers are left with a good feeling about you and want to buy something from you, hopefully something that doesn't suck.

And don't forget to wrap up by remindingrepparttar 129795 reader what everything you just said was, like that it's good to write good because it can benefit you!

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Designing A Successful Writing Career While Standing Behind the 8 Ball

Written by Susan James

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Over time, those newsletters grew into 2 books, which are now available in ebook and print. I have a third ebook out soon to be in print and with more coming.

But whererepparttar Internet played such a vital role in books is this:

I attended my first VA Festival ofrepparttar 129791 Book on a Saturday. I was going forrepparttar 129792 "Self-Publishers" day because that's how I chose to build my writing livelihood. I had pretty much conceded that I was going to have to spend $10,000.00 to purchase 5000 of my own books and then figure out how to market them. (Did I have a clue of whererepparttar 129793 $10,000 was coming from, No.)

What happened that day changed my book writing and goals forever. It was there, that I learned about "Ebooks" and Print- on-Demand. I knew heaven had arrived that day.

I knew I could submit my book which was technically a series of newsletters I had already written, to a Print-on-Demand Company for around $200.00. That book would then be available in community bookstores for order, as well as online bookstores.

I left there a changed and happy person ! I published my first print book which was already an ebook, and selling, and that book, "Manifesting 101 & Beyond" has a 5 Star Rating by an Amazon top 500 reviewer. I then put out my 2nd ebook, which then also became my second paperback book. I now have a 3rd ebook due out in print soon, with many other books in various stages.

All Print-on-Demand books were written by me on my computer. I then downloadedrepparttar 129794 book torepparttar 129795 companies putting it in book form. The Proof came back for me to edit, overrepparttar 129796 computer. Then within a short period of time I had one in my hands, and it was available all overrepparttar 129797 country andrepparttar 129798 Internet.

Things just kept growing. I then began phone and email consulting based on my 2 newsletters & Books: "Manifesting 101 & Beyond", and "17 Seconds to Wt.Loss". The number of participants and rates have increased overrepparttar 129799 months. I have focus groups that I designed based on a "Vortex Application" of which also is an income stream for me. TeleSeminars and tapes, and books-on-tape are scheduled forrepparttar 129800 next 3 months.

Folks buy more books as they participate in other services as well. And now I am enteringrepparttar 129801 realm of Radio, where I get to talk about MY BOOKS !

All of this is a pure expression of what I came to do and to offer. I love it all so very, very much.

And it all began when I was out of work, naive about computers, and lastly sending out newsletters when I did not know what I was doing ! (sj)

Susan James, writes of *User Friendly Physics* to design our lives by; from Dreams Come True to Weight Loss: Visit Susan's website for more details! http://members.wordthunder.com/manifesting101.html

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