Ten Places You Must Submit Your Site

Written by Jim Daniels

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Now as a small business owner you cannot go around and start paying every search engine that wants a hundred bucks or more just forrepparttar privilege of listing your site (or just considering it!) So you have to concentrate your budget on justrepparttar 128065 search engines that can deliver serious website traffic. Those arerepparttar 128066 engines, or networks of engines withrepparttar 128067 most traffic themselves.

After researchingrepparttar 128068 field, I've narrowed this down to just three that are undoubtedly worthrepparttar 128069 price. They are...

8. Yahoo! Business Express http://help.yahoo.com/help/bizex/

Currently $199 for non-adult sites, Yahoo! still hasrepparttar 128070 busiest directory by far and you'll get lots of traffic from a decent listing.

9. The Looksmart Network's Express Submit http://submit.looksmart.com/

Also $199, this network powers over 1/2 million websites including AltaVista, CNN, Excite, iWon, Microsoft Network, Netscape Netcenter, NetZero and WebCrawler.

10. Inktomi's Search/Submit service www.networksolutions.com/catalog/searchsubmit/welcome.jhtml

At just $30 a year forrepparttar 128071 first URL and $15 for each additional, this is a cheaper solution torepparttar 128072 Looksmart Network submission. Inktomi powers searches through AOL, iWon, MSN andrepparttar 128073 Looksmart directory itself. The best part is thatrepparttar 128074 network updates every 48 hours so you get your listing in quickly.

OK, there you have it. A quick, cut torepparttar 128075 chase, search engine submission guide. Just be sure that before you submit your site to ANY search engine or network that your site is ready to be listed favorably. This means adding targeted keywords to your content, META tags and title as well as spell checking and browser checking your site. Once you are sure everything is set to go, visit those 10 URLs and submit your site!

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How to Get 100,000 Visitors or More from Yahoo

Written by Johannes Garrido

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If you already have a business name, you might want to fill out another "Doing Business As" form with your local courthouse and create another assumed name for your business.

5. Create a Very Brief Description

Try and keep your description text to 12 words or less of advertising and hype free text. However, be sure to include your important keyword (Step 1) intorepparttar description.

6. Choose a Specific Category and Secondary Category

Yahoo distinguishes sites as either commercial or non- commercial sites. If your site is selling anything at all than your site belongs inrepparttar 128064 Business and Economy section of Yahoo.

Try and be as specific as possible when trying to submit your site into Yahoo's first and secondary categories. This will help target your visitors and limitrepparttar 128065 amount of competition your site will have.

7. Implement a Back Up Strategy

Even though you did everything right, you still may not be included into Yahoo's directory. Don't worry, follow this back up strategy:

If you usedrepparttar 128066 Business Express service to submit your site and didn't get in with your first try, you'll be sent an email within 7 days stating why you weren't listed. Here's you second chance to get in. Simply fixrepparttar 128067 problem that they've indicated and then recontact your reviewer to inform them ofrepparttar 128068 changes you've made in what's know asrepparttar 128069 "appeal" email by Yahoo.

If you did not userepparttar 128070 Business Express service, you may want to contact Yahoo about your submission. When contacting Yahoo, I suggest you includerepparttar 128071 date of your submission as well asrepparttar 128072 title and URL of your web site.

Yahoo is swamped with emails, so sending them an email to them may be ineffective. What I suggest is that you either call or write to them about your site's listing (writing isrepparttar 128073 preferred method). Here's Yahoo's contact information:

Yahoo!, Inc. 3420 Central Expressway, 2nd Floor Santa Clara, CA 95051 Main Corporate Telephone: (408) 731-3300 Fax: (408) 731-3301 User Support Telephone: (408) 731-3333 - LISTING NUMBER Extension #1: For information on submitting a new URL Extension #2: For information on making changes to an existing listing in Yahoo! Extension #3: Information about Yahoo! search results

When contacting Yahoo, it's a good idea to get torepparttar 128074 point quickly. Simply ask if they have had a chance to review your web site and reiterate how your site adds value by providing unique content to their directory.

So now you haverepparttar 128075 information needed to get your site listed inrepparttar 128076 biggest directory onrepparttar 128077 net. WHY STOP HERE? Why not userepparttar 128078 information presented above to get more sites listed?

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