Ten Essentials For Backpacking Trips

Written by Steve Gillman

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6. Water purification. A filter works, but they clog and break so often that you should have a small bottle of iodine tablets or other water purification as back up.

7. Rainwear. One ofrepparttar biggest killers inrepparttar 145388 woods is hypothermia, and it often starts when you get wet. Try to stay dry.

8. Shelter. This can be a tent, tarp or bivy sack. Just be sure you know how to use it.

9. Sleeping bag. Down bags arerepparttar 145389 warmest for their weight, but be sure you know how to keep it dry, or bring a synthetic bag.

10. Specific trip items. For backpacking trips in Michigan in May, bring insect repellant. In June in Arizona, bring sunblock. Think aboutrepparttar 145390 specific conditions forrepparttar 145391 time and place of your trip.

Make your own list if you take regular backpacking trips. It's no fun when a friend tells us ten miles downrepparttar 145392 trail that he's allergic to bees and forgot his medicine. A little planning means less worries, and a better trip.

Steve Gillman is a long-time backpacker, and advocate of ultralight backpacking. His advice and stories can be found at http://www.TheBackpackingSite.com

The Fishing Guides Center -Florida Feature

Written by Bernard Scala

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Vero Beach, Sebastian, Felsmere and other great fishing areas.

Central Florida Bass Fishing

Fish Some of Florida's Best Bass Fishing Lakes. In Central Florida and

Orlando we fish Lake Tohopekaliga (Toho), Kissimmee Chain, Lake Conway,

Walk-in-Water for largemouth bass. In South Florida we fish Stick Marsh

and Lake Okeechobee andrepparttar Florida Everglades for Largemouth Bass. We

fish for Peacock Bass in Miami.

Central Florida Flats Fishing

Our Saltwater Flats fishing adventures could take you to world famous

Mosquito Lagoon, Indian River and Banana River around Titusville and

Kennedy Space Center for Exciting Redfish, Trout and Tarpon Action. We

also fishrepparttar 145194 south end of Indian River around Vero Beach and Sebastian

Inlet and Sebastian River for Snook, Tarpon and huge Redfish. Flats

Fishing is also a great Fly Fishing adventure.

Florida Offshore Charters

Offshore Fishing Charters out of Port Canaveral, Florida. Deep Sea

fishing trips for Sailfish, Cobia, Dolphin, Kings, Wahoo, and world

class Tarpon. This exciting sport fishing adventure is only one hour

from Orlando andrepparttar 145195 Disney Area, so make your reservation now to enjoy

some great offshore fishing. We also fish out of Sebastian Inlet for our

offshore trips too!

Visit our site http://www.championbass.com/

Bernard Scala is the owner of the Fishing Guides Center - a web site devoted to Fishing and Fishing Venues throughout the USA and Europe http://www.FishingGuidesCenter.info

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