Ten Compelling, Bottom-Line Questions to Answer before you launch your search for the love of your life

Written by Jennifer Wright

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6.Do you have time allocated for doing this to supportrepparttar value? Again, most singles are busy people. What time are you going to allot to support your search, meet and get to know new people? Remember 24 hours/day is all we have single or married! 7.What are your non-negotiables for yourself and for a potential partner? What are habits, life style, situations that you could not live with? What are things in your life that you are not willing to give up? Most relationships break up inrepparttar 130878 first year due torepparttar 130879 ignoring of this factor. 8.What are your negotiables for yourself and for a potential partner? This is similar question as above but is more about your own life now. What are you willing to give up to make room for a new relationship. 9.What type of relationship will best serve you at this time? Today, more than any other time in history, we have no real norms. As with negotiables, takerepparttar 130880 time to think about what you are looking for. Companionship and weekend relationship, marriage, step-parenting or more children.

10.Do you have your dinner/lunch interview ready? This might sound bit corny. However, having met a potential partner,repparttar 130881 next step of a more serious conversation is imminent. Being prepared withrepparttar 130882 knowledge you have gathered fromrepparttar 130883 last 9, as well as communication skills to listen to your "prospect", valuable time can be saved if this dinner conversation is well planned.

This list was created after my own single journey and findingrepparttar 130884 love of my life as well as coaching many single people to successfully meeting their love of their life! Author's note

Jennifer Wright is an Occupational Therapist and Personal Single's Coach. She has co-created single transitions for many women internationally, to find the love of their life. Reach her at www.wrightdirection.com

Why Is Your Home Cluttered?

Written by Tameka Norris

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Humans need organization. Without having some sort of system and order, there would be nothing but chaos.

Necessities are about human survival.

As for accessories, it would be difficult to live without some accessories but for different reasons. More for reasons of boredom, amusement, and sometimes inspiration.

Some accessories contribute to your well being, but they have also been known to take away from it.

They can be used to cause peace as well as chaos.

A television, for instance, has been used as a very efficient tool for inspiring people to do miraculous things.

Many programs have touchedrepparttar heart of mankind simply because they had a television.

But a television can also be used as a very efficient tool to manipulaterepparttar 130875 mind and provoke unhealthy feelings and responses.

Many programs have brought outrepparttar 130876 worst in people.

Unfortunatelyrepparttar 130877 television can be used as a vessel to provoke competition among humans, jealousy, greed, anger, hate, and more.

Yet, if you tookrepparttar 130878 television out of your life you would press on. You would not die. You wouldn't suddenly stop living.

You would survive without it like those who survived without it before it even existed.

Accessories are like grown-up toys. Many of them are for fun and games. And they are pretty torepparttar 130879 eyes. You see them one day and you say to yourself, "Oow, I want that!"

A lot of us are very much adults, but it doesn't stop us from being big-kids either. Things that glitter and glow still impress us. And we want to reach for them and have them.

The toys have gotten more advanced but they still entice us inrepparttar 130880 same way. Such shiny new things. So many buttons and functions.

"Think of what I can do with that! I want I want I want!"

You may not turn to Barbie dolls or toy cars anymore. You've probably moved onto bigger and better things...

Real cars. Or clothes that make you look as thin and curvaceous as Barbie.

Accessories are not items that are necessary for your survival. They are extra things that you want but most likely do not need.

They appeal to your "I want" senses.

Necessities onrepparttar 130881 other hand appeal to your "I need" senses.

Take a look around your home right now. Does your home say "I want" or "I need?"

Are you someone that often buys what you want or only what you needrepparttar 130882 majority ofrepparttar 130883 time?

Remember to weigh an item of interest againstrepparttar 130884 two categories. Begin to ask yourself ifrepparttar 130885 item you want is really necessary for your survival.

Is it? Or do you just want it?

(c) 2003 by Tameka Norris

Tameka Norris helps others simplify life's little complications by revealing the small things that are often overlooked: http://www.simple-living-tips.com

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