Ten Best Backpacking Foods

Written by Steve Gillman

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5. Ramen noodles. When you need a hot meal fast, there isn't much that's better.

6. Instant coffee. A necessity for caffeine addicts, and it's good to have a stimulant available for emergencies.

7. Wild edible berries. Learn to identify a few, and you'll have a nutricious excuse for a break alongrepparttar trail.

8. Instant sports drinks. Pour a little in your water bottle and shake. Replacing electrolytes doesn't get more convenient.

9. Instant refried beans. When you want sustained energy, eat beans.

10. Your favorites. Having your favorite foods can help salvage a rainy backpacking trip spent inrepparttar 145804 tent.

Always considerrepparttar 145805 nature ofrepparttar 145806 trip when you choose your backpacking food. Hot meals are much more important in cold climates, and convenience is king, if you want to make miles. A bottle of rum might even be appropriate, if it's a trip wih friends.

Steve Gillman is a long-time backpacker, and advocate of ultralight backpacking. His advice and stories can be found at http://www.TheBackpackingSite.com

Vacation Hassles? Take a Picture!

Written by Pauline Wallin, Ph.D.

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No vacation is perfect. Inevitably something will go wrong. Aside from real tragedies (which, fortunately, are rare) most vacation hassles are about inconvenience, bad weather and minor mishaps -- all temporary, none life-changing.

Predicaments such as delayed flights, sold-out attractions, small injuries and unexpected downpours can ruin your vacation if you allow your inner brat to gripe and grumble over every annoyance.

Instead, try this: Take a picture. Capturerepparttar mishaps. They may turn out to be your most precious and amusing memories.

I recall a sweltering summer day many years ago, when we ran out of gas onrepparttar 145695 highway because my husband was sure we had enough to bypass one rest stop and get torepparttar 145696 next. He was right - almost. We made it just pastrepparttar 145697 sign that said, "Fuel, Food: 2 miles." Instead of yelling at him with a thousand I-told-you-sos, I wish I had taken a picture of him standing in front of that sign, apologetically holding an empty gas can. It would have beenrepparttar 145698 perfect souvenir from our trip.

If you happen to encounter frustrations on your upcoming vacation, get out your camera and take a picture. Looking throughrepparttar 145699 lens will give you a less emotional, more objective view ofrepparttar 145700 situation. Plus, you’ll have a souvenir that will later remind you that crises have a way of working themselves out.

Copyright Pauline Wallin Ph.D., 2005

-------------------------------------- Pauline Wallin, Ph.D. is a psychologist in Camp Hill, PA, and author of "Taming Your Inner Brat: A Guide for Transforming Self-defeating Behavior" (Wildcat Canyon Press, 2004)

Visit http://www.innerbrat.com for more information, and subscribe to her free, monthly Inner Brat Newsletter.

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