Ten Basic Steps for Building a Web Site that Works

Written by Lee Traupel

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Make your site permission-based marketing ready. We recommend Seth Godin's "Permission Marketing" book http://www.permission.com/. He champions building a long term-relationship with a customer by asking permission to continue to market to that customer and incorporating value/information in all marcom processes.

Ensure your site is optimized for search engines. Identify eight-12 keywords that people will use to find your site. Incorporate these keywords into your site content (to drive relevancy with search engine spiders/bots) and then manually submit your site torepparttar top ten search engines. We don't recommend most ofrepparttar 134733 free or $19.99 specials available; yes, all will get your site registered withrepparttar 134734 search engines, but getting listed on page 75 of 350 pages (for example) won't really drive qualified traffic to your site. You need page 1-3 listings onrepparttar 134735 top ten engines to really drive qualified traffic.

Delve into your log server files to uncover "digital tracks" made through your Web site. Your log files are raw files that show how and from where (in most cases) people accessed your Web site, where they went on your site, how long they stayed, etc.

Think global in your overall site design. The greatest Internet growth is occurring outside North America, so it is essential to build a site that can be accessed easily by people aroundrepparttar 134736 world. What issues do you need to look at? 1) Load times are very important.

2) Develop content that avoids colloquialisms that may not be understood by others who may not speakrepparttar 134737 same language. 3) You may want to make your site's content available in diverse languages (there are a number of emerging applications that will facilitate this process), ensuring your e-commerce capabilities can be utilized by all.

Lee Traupel has 20 plus years of marketing experience He is the co- founder of a Northern California and Brussels Belgium based, privately held, Marketing Services and Software Company, Intelective Communications, Inc. http://www.intelective.com Intelective focuses exclusively on providing strategic and tactical marketing services to small to medium sized companies. He can be reached at Lee@intelective.com

10 Tips for Better Web Site Usability - and Profits!

Written by Marty Foley

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5) Visitors typically scan web pages, rather than read them word for word. Keeping this in mind, use descriptive headlines and subheads, write concisely, and make important points stand out by highlighting them or using different colored text.

6) Certain bright colors such as red and yellow cause more strain onrepparttar human eye than others. Use such colors sparingly on your site if you want to encourage visitors to stay on your site longer. Otherwise, eye strain may cause them to leave prematurely.

7) Since visitors typically scan web pages, hyperlinks within repparttar 134732 text of a web page should be relatively short (consisting of few words), yet very descriptive of where they lead to.

8) Two reasons to userepparttar 134733 ALT attribute inrepparttar 134734 HTML code of your web pages: A) It can be used to slightly improve search engine ranking. B) It can tellrepparttar 134735 visually impaired (or those who surf with graphics turned of in their browsers) whatrepparttar 134736 image is.

9) How many clicks does it take to get to your online order form? Many webmasters have found thatrepparttar 134737 fewer clicks required,repparttar 134738 better. In other words,repparttar 134739 easier you make it to buy from you,repparttar 134740 more likely people will.

10) Beware of common problems with using frames on a web site: A) A large percentage of surfers dislike them. B) They can be confusing and awkward for users. C) It's tricky to getrepparttar 134741 HTML just right. D) Search engines have problems indexing pastrepparttar 134742 home page.

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