Ten Amazing Facts You Didn't Know About Television

Written by Irene Revallio

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The worlds largest television set was unveiled inrepparttar Japanese city of Tsukuba and measured 24.3m by 45.7m [ 80ft by 150ft ]. It was utilized inrepparttar 142280 1985 Japanese International Exposition and displayed a series of specially created videos containing various artistic and cultural productions. The largest number of ads featuring a corporations president were made for Wendy's Hamburger restaurants inrepparttar 142281 United States and starred Dave Thomasrepparttar 142282 companies owner. In all he has starred in 652 commercials withrepparttar 142283 shortest being five seconds andrepparttar 142284 longest being sixty seconds. These commercials have won thirty six important advertising awards and have made Dave as famous as his Burgers. Whilst viewing an episode ofrepparttar 142285 well known Japanese kids show Pokemon over seven hundred Japanese children were rushed to hospital with severe convulsions and trauma. This was caused by a ten second scene in whichrepparttar 142286 cartoons star Pikachu flashed his big red eyes torepparttar 142287 sound of a big booming explosion. Some early experimental Television transmissions started way back in 1928 by station W2XBS and featured a test model ofrepparttar 142288 well loved Felixrepparttar 142289 cat. Although these transmissions were only showing a model Felixrepparttar 142290 cat he will always be able to maintain his place inrepparttar 142291 Televison hall of fame asrepparttar 142292 first ever genuine TV superstar. Inrepparttar 142293 USArepparttar 142294 largest section ofrepparttar 142295 TV audience consists of of pre-school children.On average their weekly viewing turns out to be around 30.4 hours which means byrepparttar 142296 age of 17 they would have amassed about 15000 hours of television watching. Astonishingly this adds up to a staggering two years of solid viewing.

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3 Summer Computer Tips

Written by Sharron Senter

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Leavingrepparttar computer on allrepparttar 142173 time puts excess wear onrepparttar 142174 mechanical components (the hard drive spindle motor and cooling fans). Best compromise. First user inrepparttar 142175 morning turns it on; last user turns it off. We leave our desktops on allrepparttar 142176 time allowing for scheduled utility tasks to run during overnight hours. We also restartrepparttar 142177 systems (to flushrepparttar 142178 RAM and resetrepparttar 142179 operating system) on a regular basis and routinely removerepparttar 142180 case covers to clean out any dust that may have accumulated, especially aroundrepparttar 142181 fans and screens.

#3 -- Stop Popups! Never click insiderepparttar 142182 window of a popup. Instead, close it by clicking onrepparttar 142183 X inrepparttar 142184 upper right corner. Many people are fooled into installing spyware applications by popups that promise to clean their system. If you receive a message saying it can help, assume itís spyware and donít click!

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