Telling Yourself The Truth

Written by Lael Johnson

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CREATE A WORKABLE PLAN:† A workable plan consists of choosing a measurable amount of work, choosing a numerical amount to guide your work and choosing a date when your goal should be completed.† For example, I am going to complete two articles, ready to print and submit, by 7/16/05.† Iíve included a specific job description (write† two articles)†† a specific number (two) and a specific date(7/16/05). I recommend that you only choose one goal withinrepparttar middle range. Choosing a goal that is too large or too small may make it harder for you to completerepparttar 149793 goal andrepparttar 149794 project in time. Inrepparttar 149795 case of extended projects you may need to set many goals beforerepparttar 149796 each phase of a project is finished.

CHECK WITH OTHERS: Please remember to run your plans by your supervisor and your work group. Itís important that you view these goals †and working with your colleagues in a flexible manner. Remember to continue to involve others in revising your working plans. Remember also that goals and actions are tools to help you, not to take your ideas hostage.

START PRODUCING: †† Itís †time to start working toward your goal. Keep accurate records of your progress andrepparttar 149797 progress of others, as needed. Be ready for changes, interruptions and unexpected issues that might develop.† When you need to adapt your goals, keep in mind that a good goal, is clearly written, producing a† measureable† amount of product or other change according to a clearly stated deadline.

May your work productivity and interactivity grow and your goals be realized much sooner than your deadlines.

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How To Change Your Attitudes

Written by Kathryn Williamson

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Fourth, we must identify what stirs our passion and begin formulating a plan to utilize that passion on a consistent basis. We may not be able to support ourselves in a full-time job doing our passion, but we can find ways to increase how often we do that item, thereby improving our attitude..

Our first step is to ask God to reveal to usrepparttar specific purpose for which He created us. This doesn't have to be some major influence. God uses all of us in concert to accomplish His overall purposes. No matter how big or small your purpose is, when used in conjunction withrepparttar 149792 purposes of others,repparttar 149793 whole picture develops and no part is more important thanrepparttar 149794 other.

Discovering our passion and using it on a weekly basis makes a major impact on our overall attitude. The new knowledge we learn from God takes root in our heart from our actions. When this happens, a lot of our underlying self-pity dissolves as a by-product. But we need to be consistent in operating within our passion; that is why I suggest doing it at least weekly.

Here's an example from my life. I knew that I enjoyed helping people overcome their problems and also sharing God's love with them. Even though I didn't have allrepparttar 149795 answers (and still don't!) I began volunteering as a lay counselor on a Christian-based crisis hotline. Atrepparttar 149796 time I started I was going through a major depression and dealing with many other problems. However, within four months my life took a dramatic turnaround and I no longer was down inrepparttar 149797 dumps. I was totally surprised by such a quick change. My momentum stirred me to continuously chooserepparttar 149798 right attitude.

By volunteering once a week it also gave merepparttar 149799 motivation to get throughrepparttar 149800 things I was struggling with each week. One key point is that I chose to volunteer at a time when I was most vulnerable (Saturday nights). I later added another shift to volunteer to cover another vulnerable time.

Throughrepparttar 149801 years of doing this crisis counseling God began to mold and shape my vision for what He wanted me to do for His glory. I now write books teaching people how to apply biblical principles to their daily living. What I do coincides with what others are doing with their passion. Together we make a difference in this world for Jesus Christ.

I encourage you to makerepparttar 149802 right choices, learn God's truths about who you are because of your relationship with Jesus Christ, spend more time with God than with negative people, and find your passion in life so you too can impact this world for God's glory!

Kathy Williamson teaches biblical principles to help people overcome their problems and discover God's will for their lives. Her book, teachings and ezine can be found on her website at

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