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Written by Akinori Furukoshi

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--Answer Allrepparttar Imaginable Questions--

If you receive inquiries from every potential customer and reply to all of them, you will be writing e-mails all day long. Instead, you should answer all imaginable questions on your site. Making a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page is one way. The best way is putting allrepparttar 108174 reasons inrepparttar 108175 sales copy. As visitors are readingrepparttar 108176 copy, all ofrepparttar 108177 reasons are given. Thus, when visitors finish readingrepparttar 108178 copy, they are ready to buy.

You need to give prospects a reason to buy from you, but you don't have to be creative. Just tell people honest reasons. Even though those reasons might not sound right to you, they will work way better than nothing.

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How to Write to Mars and Venus!

Written by Jaruda Boonsuwan

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This will not only reduce their "Defense Mechanism", but will also trigger their buying interests.

Now suppose you're targeting female audience, bring up instant magnetic charms like:

Prada, Chanel, Hermes, Ungaro, Jennifer Lopez, Brad Pitt, Enrique Iglesias, Slim Fast, beauty secrets, diamond, star style, princess,repparttar future,....

This will keep them curious and eager to finish reading your sales copies.


If you're writing a classified ad, you could writerepparttar 108173 same content, with a slight difference. This way, you'll have 2 slightly different ads to target men and women -- SEPERATELY!

For example, here is an ad targeting male audience ....

"Unveilrepparttar 108174 Formula One Secret You Can Instantly Copy to Turbocharge Your Site and Easily Turn It into a Hole-in-One Business that Earns You Homerun Profits -- 100% Faster than Tiger Woods' Swing...Guaranteed!"

With a slight change to it, you'll have an ad targeting female audience...

"Uncoverrepparttar 108175 Time-tested Secret You Can Instantly Copy to Make Over Your Site and Easily Turn It into a Hot-selling Business that Earns You Magic Profits -- You Can Buy Yourself 2 Prada Bags a Day....100% Guaranteed!"

You'll see that inrepparttar 108176 ad for men, I userepparttar 108177 word "turbocharge" to associate with auto racing. And because men like SPEED.

And inrepparttar 108178 ad for women, I userepparttar 108179 word "time-tested" to associate with beauty. And because women like SECURITY.

See how easy it is you can create 2 "TARGETED" classified ads in just a minute? You surely can create more targeted ads like these -- in NO time at all.

P.S. Don't forget whom you're writing to! A Mars or a Venus?

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