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Written by Andrew Taub

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Off Premise Extension: OPX

You'd like to work at home, but you need to stay in touch? Running out of desks, but need more employees? If so, then OPX may be perfect for you. Image taking your phone off your desk and plugging it in at home or at a hotel and having access to allrepparttar office lines and features. That's what OPX can do for you and your business. Whether full time telecommuting or just working from home Friday's inrepparttar 147670 summer, OPX lets you "move" your office anywhere.

OPX allows you to "login" to your office system from almost anywhere and take your intercom, office lines and features with you. OPX works through an analog dial up connection, ISDN, or overrepparttar 147671 Internet using a high speed connection.

You can even use this technology to link multiple offices together into one seamless telephone system whether they are aroundrepparttar 147672 corner or aroundrepparttar 147673 world.

Live Record

How often does a customer say to you "I didn't say that!" Wouldn't it be nice to have a record? Well now you can with Live Record. Atrepparttar 147674 press of a button you can start recording your conversation right into your voice mailbox. You can even forward that recording to another mailbox.

In a recent installation at tile and marble company, they always had problems taking measurements overrepparttar 147675 phone. Now they have a record of exactly what their customers have ordered. Just one problem averted has saved them thousands! Best of all on many systems, Live Record is a standard feature.

Emergency Message Notification

Are you still using an answering service at night? Do you miss important calls after hours? Wouldn't it be nice if your voice mail could call you at home or on your cell phone and tell you if you have an urgent message? Well now you can!

Many of Teleco's voice mail systems can notify you at any outside phone number of an urgent message. The system can even cascade notify running though a list of numbers untilrepparttar 147676 message is picked up.

You can't be in your office 24/7, but now you don't have to miss important calls. Perfect for service businesses, doctors, lawyers, or anyone that needs to be in constant communication.

In several recent installations, customers saved enough by canceling their answering services to pay for an entire new telephone system!

This feature is standard onrepparttar 147677 NEC IPK andrepparttar 147678 Toshiba CTX.

Soft Key Integration

Soft Key's are one ofrepparttar 147679 most exciting developments inrepparttar 147680 past few years and can really makerepparttar 147681 difference between a good phone system and a great one. Soft Keys are buttons belowrepparttar 147682 LCD display on your phone that change function. If you're checking your voice mail,repparttar 147683 soft keys may say, forward, delete, or rewind. If you making a call they might say conference or transfer. If your phone is idle they may just say how many new and old voice mails you have.

Just some ofrepparttar 147684 soft keys featured are call forward, do not disturb, speed dial access, call park, mute handset, quick transfer to voice mail, caller ID recall, voice over, and number of new messages*

*example is forrepparttar 147685 NEC IPK with Release 4000 software. Release 4000 software is not standard and requires hardware at an additional charge.

Live Monitor

Live monitor allows you to listen to a message being left in your voice mail just like a home answering machine. You can then liftrepparttar 147686 handset and pick uprepparttar 147687 call. This lets you screen your calls without anyone knowing. This feature is standard onrepparttar 147688 NEC IPK andrepparttar 147689 Toshiba CTX.

Voice over IP (VoIP)

Voice over IP is today's hottest new technology, but you need an expert to help you makerepparttar 147690 right choices. Voice over IP includes several new technologies including making phones calls overrepparttar 147691 internet, connecting remote users torepparttar 147692 main system overrepparttar 147693 internet, linking multiple locations together, and running your entire phone system on your offices LAN or WAN. There can be many cost savings and productivity gains with voice over IP technology. As with all new technologies, experience is vital in selecting and implementingrepparttar 147694 right technology. Teleco's 25 years of experience can save you time and money and make sure that you get allrepparttar 147695 benefits of this exciting technology. VoIP is available onrepparttar 147696 NEC IPK andrepparttar 147697 Toshiba CTX. Please read for more on Voice over IP.

Commercial on Hold

Commercial or Advertising on Hold or Message on Hold can tell callers about your business. You can advertise products or services that your customers may not know about, keep callers entertained, or just play a friendly reminder that you haven't forgotten that your callers are still onrepparttar 147698 line. Make hold time productive, positive time. Commercial on Hold gives your business a polished, professional sound that plain music on hold just can't do. Teleco can provide you with a profession Commercial on Hold player with a customized sound studio production for only $300. Call 800-Teleco-4 today for more details.

Printed Telephone Tags

Teleco professionally prints labels for your new telephones for free. Many dealers don't or charge an extra fee. Printed labels ensure that everyone know what each and every button on your phone does. But, don't forget, you can always call Teleco's toll free technical support or arrange for additional training sessions. This is especially important for new employees.

Over 10 years in the telephone system and network services field. An expert in both telephony hardware and services.

Life of an Escrow

Written by Nef Cortez

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Once documents are received,repparttar file is “figured” and reviewed to determine that all conditions have been met, and all documents have been properly prepared. Funds are obtained fromrepparttar 147669 buyer, signatures on loan documents are obtained, loan funds are requested and received, and recording is ordered from title company.

There are, of course, many other occurrences inrepparttar 147670 life of an escrow, and each one is unique unto itself, because it involves totally unique circumstances and individuals.

. For any assistance in purchasing or selling, please feel free to contact me at 909-869-0259 or visit my website at

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