Telephone Technique

Written by Stephen Richards

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Think aboutrepparttar things they might want to discuss onrepparttar 145941 phone,repparttar 145942 advert says "informal discussion" what does that mean?

If you think it means what it says then you are kidding yourself. This will be a mini interview to see how you handle yourself onrepparttar 145943 telephone and how quickly you think on your feet.

The applicant will have 1 - 3 years experience but obviously more would be ok, howeverrepparttar 145944 salary might be less than an more experienced sales person might want.

If you had more thanrepparttar 145945 three years experience but neededrepparttar 145946 job you might want to take time to come up with a positive reply to "you have more experience than we are looking for". You could try something like "I appreciate your concern but I'm sure thatrepparttar 145947 benefit torepparttar 145948 company of my experience will outweigh that concern, I'm sure that I'd be very happy working for Barnes Big Pills."

You may be asked about your previous experience in some detail, having your resume to hand would be useful so that you don't need to remember allrepparttar 145949 dates and companies that you have worked for.

A pen and paper would be useful to make notes with, having to askrepparttar 145950 person atrepparttar 145951 other end to wait while you get a pen and paper doesn't demonstrate a professional who is ready to make appointments or take orders. If everything goes well you would be writing down details ofrepparttar 145952 next step.

*Makingrepparttar 145953 call First of all introduce yourself and then establish who you are talking to before you launch into your main conversation,repparttar 145954 call might start like this:-

"Hello, Barnes Big Pills"

"Hello, my names Steve Richards, could I speak to Holly Wilson please?"

"Certainly, I'll put you through"

"Hello Mr Richards, Holly Wilson here"

"Please, Call me Steve, I'm calling aboutrepparttar 145955 advertisement inrepparttar 145956 Smallville Gazette forrepparttar 145957 position of Sales Manager, could you tell me a little more aboutrepparttar 145958 position please, I'm very interested?"

Now, I'm sure you will agree that this is a more professional approach torepparttar 145959 phone call and you it makes a more positive impression.

Notice thatrepparttar 145960 conversation was friendly but that although we know that we are speaking to Holly Wilson, I didn't call her Holly or Miss Wilson, I don't know if she is single or married. Calling her Holly might be over familiar at this stage, but I gave her permission to call me Steve.

This technique of taking a little bit of time to do some very basic research and preparation will pay dividends and if you sometimes experience FEAR remember what it is. To overcome that fear, prepare yourself by running throughrepparttar 145961 call in your head or with a friend. The more you practicerepparttar 145962 more confident you will be.

Here's to your next interview.

Leaving the Royal Air Force, Steve worked for a Charity helping the unemployed to find work. Within a few months the two programs he ran were top of the counties league table. Head hunted, Steve lead 7 similar programs, within 6 months they were all in the top 10 - including the number one spot.

What is My Life Purpose?

Written by Jo Ball

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Looking back now I can see there have been hints. In fact my whole life is littered with hints that can lead me closer to my truth.

But did I follow these hints?

Not on your life. I wanted lightening and boulders and I got day to day life and opportunities dressed up as things I’d never done before.

And then I heard someone say, ‘If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.’

But when we stoprepparttar ‘doing’ of making money and objects and start to ‘be’ we can honestly see that God-given signs are unique to fairy-tales and Bible stories.

In real life we don’t get a bolt of lightening, we get an email, a phone call or a meeting with an old friend and somewhere within this communication, if we’re paying attention to being withrepparttar 145868 person withrepparttar 145869 message, we can find answers.

We also don’t get boulders dropping out ofrepparttar 145870 blue in real life, we have an accident, a fall, a bump onrepparttar 145871 head or bereavement. It’s called a wake up call!

If we are ‘being’ we understand that call and will somehow knowrepparttar 145872 answers to how and why will be repeated so that you can ‘get’ them.

Let me give you a hint now. Your life does have a purpose. To suggest anything else defiesrepparttar 145873 very nature of our existence.

You have been given unique gifts that you are not using. You need to find them and then understand what to do with them.

Good luck on your journey to happiness

Jo Ball x

Coach & Founder, Unstoppable Life

At Unstoppable Life, Jo Ball is developing the next generation of people finding the answers about their reason for being here. These people are discovering and defining their life purpose. Join Jo’s Fr>ee newsletter at Unstoppable Life now and go through the link on the home page to discover a mass of information others are now acting upon.

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