Teddy Bears Aren't All Cute Cuddly Toys

Written by Malcolm Pugh

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to successfully become introverted without really having to try too hard!! †So instead of games, through their computer they LEARN there are more worlds than their important seeming virtual world. For bigger kids there are superb fully downloadable photos, andrepparttar originals can be requested and delivered via email. There are practical, pictorial step by step projects showing how to do various jobs outdoors, ponds, lawns, landscapes, gardens. Also there are computer tips, and an amazing feature whererepparttar 116306 author ofrepparttar 116307 site, an ex systems programmer will ressurrect cds sent to him deemed ruined; so your holiday snaps might well NOT be beyond repair!! He also fixes pictures, either via email or by scanning in posted snaps, and returning them undamaged and much enhanced . Pictures fade, and crack cds survive and endure. This superb site can be found by typing "Stiffsteiffs" into ANY search, or by clickingrepparttar 116308 link below now.


Now I know why people PAY for domain names!!

Ex systems programmer. Originally Civil Engineer.Now not so civil! Live in Rubery. Age 50. Trying to get people to get out and have fun instead of intoverting obesely by the TV or playing endless computer games.

Alaskan Halibut Fishing

Written by Rayboptions

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If you want to go Stream Fishing with either Spinning or Fly-fishing gear thatís also available. We encountered Bearís also fishing inrepparttar stream.

Besidesrepparttar 116305 Bear alongrepparttar 116306 Streams you will also see Bald Eagles, Seals, Sea Otters, Sea Lions and if youíre lucky as we were you will see a Whale or two. Bring cameras and/or camcorders.

The food is fantastic. Full breakfast, eggs, pancakes, omelets. Lunch onrepparttar 116307 boat, sandwiches, soda, beer, smoked Salmon. Dinner is mainlyrepparttar 116308 fish caught that day but served like youíve never had fish prepared before, we also had a Steak dinner.

The fish that are caught each day are fillet and frozen in separate vacuumed sealed packages. Each package is a pound of two and you chooserepparttar 116309 % of each type of fish caught you take home. I took 75% Halibut and 25% Salmon and had about 100 pounds of frozen fish in two ready to take boxes.

As you can see this is a very professional operation and I guarantee when you go that you will agree that itís more than just a fishing trip, itís an Alaskan adventure. For information please visitrepparttar 116310 web-site ofrepparttar 116311 very best Fishing Lodge in Alaska: http://Tanaku.com

I am not a professional fisherman just a Webmaster that needs some downtime. My web-site is Digital Cameras, Free Shipping. We sell a complete line of Digital Cameras, Scanners, Printers, Free Cell Phones, Free Satellite Dish Systems, Cable Descramblers. We accept most Major Credit Cards and have Free Shipping. Visit the site at: http://rayboptions.safeshopper.com Rayboptions@netzero.net

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