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Written by Robert F. Abbott

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Here's one more challenge: I recently looked atrepparttar idea of being an online seminars facilitator. Participants would take part through their computers. In addition to getting a voice feed, they would also watchrepparttar 143912 screen, which would be divided into three active sections. One portion would carry my notes, another would show reader questions, and a third would show something else.

Asrepparttar 143913 presenter, I think I could handlerepparttar 143914 sending. But, how would receivers handle these flows of information? In person, it's easy to watch a speaker, see her slides on screen, and listen to her atrepparttar 143915 same time. But, is itrepparttar 143916 same taking in all this information when it comes through a computer screen and speakers?

Don't get me wrong. I like new technologies, not because they're replacing something else, but because they offer new options. Whether through access, price, or interactivity level, new technology opens doors to communicators.

But, we need to think aboutrepparttar 143917 implications for receivers when we communicate through new media. Come to think of it, didn't Marshall McLuhan writerepparttar 143918 book on this a generation ago?

In summary: With more managers communicating through new technologies, rather than travel and face-to-face meetings, we need to consider what can happen to important messages when they are transmitted throughrepparttar 143919 new media.

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Review on E Biller The next generation call billing solution

Written by Arun Tibrewal

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The dynamic customized services on display like QC reports and Q builders are being delivered by SIPL globally and are more customer centric rather than region centric as is self evident torepparttar discerning customer who has forayed intorepparttar 143617 SIPL website.

The days gone by witnessed a few major players who directed and controlledrepparttar 143618 monopolizedrepparttar 143619 market for years on end in contrast torepparttar 143620 present day scenario inrepparttar 143621 this era of telecommunications which is dictated by a plethora of players both big and small as an aftermath of deregulation of marketsrepparttar 143622 world over and innovations such as arepparttar 143623 E Biller are like manna for all and no business enterprise regardless of size can ill afford to ignore!

The revolution inrepparttar 143624 Telecommunications sector then is driven by multitude factors predominant amongst them beingrepparttar 143625 competitive model and driven byrepparttar 143626 dynamism ofrepparttar 143627 telecommunications marketrepparttar 143628 world over and technological innovators such as SIPL who have contributed significantly with value added business solutions with a plethora of features be itrepparttar 143629 now familiar E biller or be itrepparttar 143630 in depth data analyzer.

The Telecommunication sector revolution would have little sustaining ability but forrepparttar 143631 ushering in ofrepparttar 143632 era of Privatization and Liberalization which has inarguably ledrepparttar 143633 revolution.

Privatization is better known asrepparttar 143634 process of transfer of Public assets and control to private players whereasrepparttar 143635 concept of Liberalization is akin torepparttar 143636 ushering in ofrepparttar 143637 era of a free market wherein competition is fierce but players like SIPL emerge with products of innovation likerepparttar 143638 flexible E biller.

SIPL repparttar 143639 leaders in innovations and value additions haverepparttar 143640 enviable reputation of generating global telecommunications business solutions for business enterprises of all statures and deliver services rather than mere products which are unmatched in quality, delivery and consistency at a price thatrepparttar 143641 competition can seldom match!

Arun Tibrewal is an online marketing promotions specialist since 1998 and owner of and its network sites. Permission is granted to reprint this article as long as the resource box should keep intact

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