Technology Strategy: Decision Making for Nonprofit Boards

Written by Philippa Gamse

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* News updates about your organization * Special events, discount purchase offers * Legislative alerts and tracking notices * Fundraising appeals * Membership renewal reminders

Of course, you should include and adhere to a privacy policy whenever using e-mail, and you must honor requests to be removed from your mailing list.

2. Having clear e-mail usage procedures. Sometimes it is preferable to use direct personal contact such as telephone or letters instead of e-mail - for instance, when responding to complaints, or thanking donors for gifts.

But your staff should be clear and comfortable about using e-mail to save time and resources. Sending bulk e-mail from a good database is faster and cheaper than sending bulk faxes. One association that I consulted with recently linked their staff bonuses directly to savings realized from using e-mail over fax.

A great deal of Board business can be conducted via e-mail. This may not include actual voting (check your by-laws and legal obligations for this). But much ofrepparttar background information that is provided at a typical Board meeting could be disseminated by e-mail ahead of time, thus freeing up valuable meeting time for substantive discussion.

How effective is your Website in promoting and achieving your strategy? An intranet (password protected area) can be very useful if you have staff or chapters geographically distant from your head office. It can provide training materials, mentoring discussion boards, templates for frequently used documents, etc. And, you can have a private section of your site for your Board, as an alternative to sending information via e-mail.

Depending on your operations, there are other technologies that might be appropriate for you to consider as you plan your future strategy and investments. These could include handheld devices and laptops if you have employees who are often out ofrepparttar 133569 office. Voice recognition software can be used for dictation by disabled staff, or those who are really not comfortable with keyboards. For larger organizations, virtual private networks may be appropriate for file sharing and synchronized database maintenance.

Whatever your size, userepparttar 133570 strategic and prioritizing "What'srepparttar 133571 One Thing . . .?" questions that I listed above, together with your estimation of current inefficiencies in staff time and resources to come up with a wish list. Then you can start to analyzerepparttar 133572 potential investments that you need to make, andrepparttar 133573 potential savings or revenue that you can realize inrepparttar 133574 longer term.

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What's 200 Words Have To Do With Your Computer?

Written by Maria Marsala

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Userepparttar resources below to learnrepparttar 133568 meanings of any words or acronyms you come across as you learn more about your computer.

Common Acronyms Web Acronyms Acronym Finder Computer and Internet Technology Dictionary Internet Dictionary Meta Tag Dictionary Dictionary and Thesaurus

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