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Written by Betty Liang

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Here’s a testament torepparttar kind of exchange opportunities that are available all around us: inrepparttar 149170 July 2005 edition of Runner’s World, there is an ad from Factory Outlets ( promoting its pre-launch site. Factory Outlets needs traffic to test its ordering, fulfillment and customer service systems and is giving away $350 worth of free merchandise in exchange for time. If you don’t believe it, pick up a copy of Runner’s World to get an authorization code intorepparttar 149171 site – and shop your heart out (the merchandise is limited, but it’s free).

Manufacturers invest millions of dollars into marketing torepparttar 149172 SMBs and yet there has not been a centralized place where SMBs can get an aggregated listing of exchange opportunities offered by manufacturers. Until now.

SMBxchange, Inc. is a new technology community geared to providing exchange opportunities to SMBs, including useful tools and resources to help them run their business. By this, we don’t mean resources on how to get a loan, where to get legal advice, etc. There are plenty of small business portals that dorepparttar 149173 job. The tools, resources and exchange opportunities featured on are around useful technologies that can improverepparttar 149174 way SMBs work -- perhaps even introduce products that people never knew existed. SMBxchange is a relatively new community and exchange opportunities are inrepparttar 149175 near horizon. Types of “exchange opportunities” will include: focus groups, beta programs, whitepaper campaigns – where there would be some type of incentive (free product, cash, etc.) in exchange for user feedback.

Membership into SMBxchange is free and there is no obligation or commitment. By joining, members get access to SMBxchange newsletters and a secure members-only site where there will be a listing of opportunities that matchrepparttar 149176 member’s product interests. Members only participate in programs for products they’re interested in. SMBxchange isrepparttar 149177 first community that bridges these two audiences (SMB and manufacturer) into a symbiotic environment. This is a community that bringsrepparttar 149178 technology torepparttar 149179 SMB, and aggregates opportunities and offers tailored torepparttar 149180 SMB’s product interests.

To join SMBxchange, completerepparttar 149181 online form at

Betty Liang, spent most of her professional career in various marketing management positions with companies such as Ricoh, Cisco, and Oracle. She is now focused on her own small business helping other small and medium businesses advance their technology capabilities through exchange opportunities.

Differentiate and Grow Rich: The Importance of a Strong USP

Written by Eric Graham

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Third, begin to write down and crystallize your ideas. Don’t worry about length at first, just write downrepparttar key points of your USP concept. Focus onrepparttar 149132 benefits to your customer of each concept. Develop a list of 5 to 10 possible USPs.

Show this list to your staff, friends, family and current customers. Get their input and suggestions and use these suggestions and comments to narrow your USP concept down to a single main differentiating concept.

Once you’ve settled onrepparttar 149133 most unique and compelling feature of your product or business, begin to distill it down to one paragraph that clearly communicates and sums up why your customers should buy from you. Use this paragraph on your website or in your print marketing materials where you have more room to explainrepparttar 149134 unique benefits that you bring to your customers. However, it’s still too long to for an effective tag line or slogan.

You still need to distill your USP down to one or two focused sentences that clearly and concisely communicaterepparttar 149135 benefits of your USP to your customers. This statement should leave no question in your customers mind about what you do and what makes you different than your competition.

This USP statement will become your tagline or slogan. This process will take some time and your USP statement may require several revisions before you’re comfortable withrepparttar 149136 final draft.

Fourth, integrate your USP statement into everything you do. Put it on every page of your website, on your letterhead, in all of your advertising and marketing. Communicate it to your employees, managers and staff. Let it infuse into your corporate culture. Every time you talk to your customers, employees or suppliers you should mention this USP. You cannot just give lip service to your USP, you must live it and breath it! It must become a part of you.

Every product, business or service needs a USP that will make it stand out fromrepparttar 149137 competition. It’s up to you to discover or create this element of uniqueness. Differentiate yourself, your business and your products from your competition and watch your profits soar!

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