Team Up With Your Competitors

Written by Terence Tan

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This will pricerepparttar top ranking spot out ofrepparttar 128323 budget of other bidders forrepparttar 128324 keyword and ensure a top ranking for this page. Provided you makerepparttar 128325 description ofrepparttar 128326 new page interesting, most surfers will definitely click onrepparttar 128327 top ranked listings in each search and see all ten of your links.

So while you have to sharerepparttar 128328 top ranking with 9 other webmasters, you are assured that you won't be squeezed ofrepparttar 128329 top search results page byrepparttar 128330 thousands of other people trying to bid forrepparttar 128331 same keyword.

Cooperate with some competitors for an unfair advantage overrepparttar 128332 rest.

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Travel Your Way To More Traffic

Written by Ken Mowery

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I decided to see if other scenic hotspots might become "virtual" destinations of choice. I went throughrepparttar same process with photos I had taken at Garden ofrepparttar 128322 Gods State Park in Colorado Springs Colorado as well as a few other Colorado locations. I was pleased that "gardenofthegods" became another key search phrase that brings people to my site.

Inrepparttar 128323 past I used my personal web pages to promote my web design and hosting business. Unfortunately, web design and hosting is not that relevant to my guests who come because of scenic interests. After some measure of trial and error I discovered that "entertainment" products market very well torepparttar 128324 scenic seekers that visit my site.

I began a banner rotation on my photographic pages that link out to various entertainment sites which I affiliate with. So farrepparttar 128325 results have been very encouraging. In a future article I hope to explain what I discovered about keyword searches inrepparttar 128326 entertainment sector.

Let me summarize with these simple instructions. Get those vacation photographs out and upload them to your website. Build a separate page for each exotic location that you have been to. Be sure to enterrepparttar 128327 name ofrepparttar 128328 place in your page title and inrepparttar 128329 keywords and description meta-tags. Set up a relevant banner rotation program and enjoyrepparttar 128330 traffic of virtual travel.

Ken is a pastor, writer, composer,web designer,promoter living in Greeley Colorado with his wife and two children. His articles and poems have been published in various magazines. He writes a monthly column for the Greeley Tribune called "Faith For Dummies" which features spiritual insights gathered through outdoor sports and recreation

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