Teachers, do not overlook teaching your students how to write checks

Written by Timothy Liptrap

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A successful lesson plan can help a child developrepparttar foundation necessary to build important money management skills that they will need through out their lifetime. Understanding basic financial tools, will help students manage their money, stay within budget and problem solve. Timothy Liptrap, a co-author ofrepparttar 109458 68 page lesson plan How to Write Checks states "students, who understand how to budget, spend and manage their money, will be better off than many adults in today's world."

According to Liptrap, Teachers who create their own lessons should "keeprepparttar 109459 lesson plan practical" while teaching conceptual skills. "Each month when a parent sits down to payrepparttar 109460 bills, they should have their child pull-up a seat to assist and learn. A lesson plan should replicate this experience inrepparttar 109461 classroom by providing practice checks, bank statements, mock invoices and check registers for each student."

Copyright 2003. Timothy Liptrap

Timothy Liptrap, is VP of Education and Develoment for the free 101 Financial Lessons newsletter. Visit http://www.101financiallessons.com for more information. The newsletter provides teachers and parents materials and ideas to teach money.

Creative Kids Make Intelligent Adults

Written by Alberta Johnson

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Now, consider some ofrepparttar most memorable marketing campaigns in recent history.  What do they all have in common?  Creativity; creativity that must be instilled at an early age, and is most effectively taught in school.

Art lessons are very time consuming to prepare, and many teachers feel that they lackrepparttar 109457 artistic ability or creativity to teach art.  The reality is however, that they really don't need to be creative geniuses themselves to teach art in their classrooms.

Educators who feel that help is needed can turn to plenty of outside sources for aid.  By doing just a little bit of homework themselves, teachers and parents can find people, groups, and even companies who are ready and willing to come torepparttar 109458 rescue. Taking advantage of this help can save hours of time and energy, and provide a much-needed educational benefit.

Author Alberta S. Johnson is an art educator who understandsrepparttar 109459 importance of art lessons in schools.  Her company, K6ArtLessonPlans.com makes fully-planned art lessons available to educators and parents on a weekly basis.  For more information, see http://www.k6artlessonplans.com

Alberta Johnson has been teaching k-6 gr. art for over 28 years. Her web site makes fully-planned art lessons, with national goals, assessments, and color photos available to educators and parents on a weekly basis.  For more information, visit http://www.k6artlessonplans.com

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