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Written by Erich Bihlman

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1. Downloadrepparttar Firefox browser 2. Installrepparttar 137202 Web Developer extension 3. Open one of your "old" HTML files 4. Viewrepparttar 137203 source, clickrepparttar 137204 "Cleanuprepparttar 137205 page" button 5. Checkrepparttar 137206 "replace FONT.....tags by CSS" box, then Refresh

Now you have a very neat and tidy piece of code, with allrepparttar 137207 CSS dirty work done for you! At this point you can copy & pasterepparttar 137208 resulting code and use it in your project and start figuring out what it's doing. I was amazed at how easily I was able to pick it up and start making changes on my own. When I wanted more information on a certain style it was a just a Google search away to many excellent CSS resources onrepparttar 137209 web. I find it much easier to learn CSS if I get to applyrepparttar 137210 modifications torepparttar 137211 existing code that I've been working on, and I think you will too.

I hope you find this article helpful and if you follow these steps you should be able to add CSS to your web site design toolbox in no time!

Written by Erich Bihlman, of Bihlman Consulting - PC and Internet Tutoring and Website Design in Prescott, Arizona. http://www.bihlman.com


Written by Chris P. Bohn

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5. Thou shalt not use Java applets, because many people browse with Java switched off.

Basically, people are so fed up of waiting for slow loading, jerky applets that usually contribute little to our enjoyment of either life or your website. And as for that java applet of a shimmering lake, if I never see that again...

6. Thou shalt use tables only as a last resort.

Tables are meant to hold 'tabular data', not entire webpages.

7. Thou shalt design thy website using divs and CSS wherever possible. But remember to ensure that your pages can be used without CSS as some people browse with style sheets switched off.

Basically, you should try to design your website in such a way thatrepparttar end user can resize your text and, if desired, they can use their own style sheet instead of yours. Yes folks,repparttar 137185 whole idea of spending hours and weeks of your precious time designing a beautiful website, is so that people can decide they want it to look like something completely different.

8. Thou shalt not use WAV, midi or other sound files because many people browse with sound switched off.

Using sound files often means people need to use a plug-in. If this applies to your web page, remember to provide a link to somewhere thatrepparttar 137186 plug-in can be downloaded. If you use a small image asrepparttar 137187 link torepparttar 137188 plug-in website, remember to use an 'alt' tag inrepparttar 137189 image because many people browse with images switched off.

9. Thou shalt not use Flash.

Admit it, you're just showing off aren't you

10. Thou shalt throw up thy hands in despair and rent thy style sheet asunder.

There are too many rules. It's just not worth it. How many allowances do you have to make forrepparttar 137190 way people userepparttar 137191 Internet anyway? Why not just print out copies of your web page and post them out on request instead? For all I know, many people probably browse without a computer or withrepparttar 137192 electricity switched off or something and we don't want them to miss out as well do we?

Byrepparttar 137193 way, if you do decide to distribute printed copies of your web pages, don't forget to produce a Braille version and a foreign language edition as well.

Note: this article is intended for entertainment purposes only. No offence is intended to anyone involved inrepparttar 137194 field of Web accessibility. This article will be made available in a special Morse code edition early next year.

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