Teach Phonemic Awareness in 5 Minutes a day

Written by Sacha of home-school-reading.com

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One great thing you can do to help your child, or students learn more about phonemic awareness is read stories outloud to them, but do it a little differently. One time on every page take a word that is 3 or 4 letters, and say it a part at a time. Look below for an example.

Let’s say you are reading a story about Sam,repparttar cat. Here is what you will say: “Samrepparttar 109276 cat was having a very good day. First his friend gave him M . . . I . . . L . . . K. What didrepparttar 109277 friend give Sam? (Child responds) Yes, MILK. Then (keep on reading.)” Important, you are sayingrepparttar 109278 SOUNDS inrepparttar 109279 letter MILK, notrepparttar 109280 Letter Names.

Once this has become easy, start reading alphabet books withrepparttar 109281 child, but do each ofrepparttar 109282 letters, one part at a time. You will notice that this will help your child learnrepparttar 109283 SOUNDS that each letter makes.

Once your child has learned these skills, s/he is ready to start learning to read! Start today! Teach your child to grow their phonic ears through these easy tips.

Sacha Luria-Smith has been recognized for her teaching success on National Public Radio and Disney radio. She has also taught middle school in Oakland, CA. She is the author ofthe website http://www.home-school-reading.com.

Why Become a Truck Driver?

Written by Joe Regan

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Trucking is not an easy job. I won’t try to make it seem like it is. For one thing, you’re away from home a lot. But even that, you do have some control over. For example, if you’rerepparttar type who likes to be home quite a bit, there are truck driving jobs whererepparttar 109275 drivers are home every weekend, and in some cases, there are trucking jobs whererepparttar 109276 drivers are home every night. It must be noted though, that some of those jobs don’t pay as well asrepparttar 109277 long haul jobs do.

Is trucking for you? Only you can decide that. If you think that it is for you,repparttar 109278 first step is to enter a truck driving school. There are great schools located in every region of this country.

Find a Truck Driving School near you.

Joe Regan writes articles for many major websites including but not limited to: www.hugesettlements.com , www.nurseuniverse.com , and www.bubbajunk.com . Joe can be contacted at jregan@verticalag.com.

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