Tea Brewing and Storage Tips

Written by Will Shaw

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To dorepparttar job properly it's best to buy a water thermometer which will give you a fast and accurate reading. After a while you will get to know roughly how long to leaverepparttar 125435 water before adding it torepparttar 125436 tea. This will save you from using repparttar 125437 thermometer allrepparttar 125438 time.

Steeping time is also very important to produce a fine brew. It is very much down to your own personal tastes how long you should steep. Having said that there are guidelines which you should follow and they are often provided with repparttar 125439 tea you buy. Steep too long and you could end up with a bitter and very strong brew. Steep not enough and you will not getrepparttar 125440 most of outrepparttar 125441 tea.

As a rough guiderepparttar 125442 following timings and temperatures apply;

Green Tea and White Tea 1-4 mins 150-170 F Oolong Tea 1-3 mins 165-195 F Pu-erh Tea 2-10 mins boiling Black Tea 2-5 mins 195 F

In order to appreciaterepparttar 125443 tea as it's brewing it's really good to be able to seerepparttar 125444 leaves as they open. Using a glass cup or pot enables you to do that very well. There are many choices for brewing equipment including Yi Xing teapots, Guywans, infusers, filters and good old cups. It's really up to you to experiment with allrepparttar 125445 different equipment which is on offer.

The most important thing is to enjoy your tea and enjoyrepparttar 125446 company in which you drink it. Don't worry too much about times and temperatures inrepparttar 125447 beginning; there is plenty of time and plenty of tea to discoverrepparttar 125448 different techniques of brewing.

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The Perfect Gift for the Person Who Has Everything!

Written by Kristine Mulholland

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5. Most gift baskets are built around a central theme. There are fishing theme gift baskets, golf theme gift baskets, pamper or spa gift baskets, book gift baskets for people who love to read, baby gift baskets, thank you gift baskets, angel gift baskets, sympathy gift baskets, Irish gift baskets, “date night” gift baskets, Christmas gift baskets, Valentine’s Day gift baskets, Mother’s Day gift baskets, Father’s Day Gift Baskets, Easter Gift Baskets, housewarming gift baskets, and my personal favorite, Christian and Religious gift baskets! Gift Baskets can be tasteful and elegant, fun and playful, bright and cheery, or inspirational and comforting.

4. Gift baskets can range in price from $29.95 for a small basket, to $300.00 for a very large extravagant gourmet gift basket. There is a price range and gift basket for everyone!

3. Ever drive around town, and spend hours scouringrepparttar malls trying to findrepparttar 125434 perfect gift, only to arrive back home, tired, frustrated, and worse, even empty-handed? Or, if you finally did find a gift, now you have to gift wrap it (hopefully you didn’t forget to buy wrapping paper!) Do yourself a favor, send a gift basket!

2. Whether you needrepparttar 125435 perfect gift for a birthday, a wedding, an anniversary, get well, to celebraterepparttar 125436 birth of a baby, or to express your deepest sympathy, gift baskets arerepparttar 125437 first-class choice. Gift baskets are available for women, men, children, teens, moms, dads, grandparents, friends, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, or anyone special on your list!

1. Gift Baskets make you look good! Your gift recipient will be absolutely delighted to receive such a warm, thoughtful gift from you!

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