Taylor Made, Aldila Shafts - History Being Made

Written by Mike Ross

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Now, though, shaft and club technology has completely changed how engineers and players look at their clubs. About ten years ago in golf history, a steel shaft came out onrepparttar market that revolutionized how clubs were designed.

These steel shafts helped golfers with a tighter flex and more responsiveness. Onrepparttar 142429 golf course, this shaft technology translated into a longer distance golf shot, better accuracy, and more consistent performance.

Even more recently, shaft technology has progressed club design even further. The goal of golf club designers is to create clubs that best transmitrepparttar 142430 energy fromrepparttar 142431 golfer's body, throughrepparttar 142432 club, torepparttar 142433 golf ball. Of course, like any technology, we can only await better and better golf clubs inrepparttar 142434 future.

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Tips On Bike Maintenance

Written by Andrew Caxton

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Things to look for while you are cleaning your bike: -

  • Worn brake blocks.
  • Damaged or thin rim walls.
  • Damaged or cut tires.
  • Damaged chain.
  • Damaged or bent handlebars and stem.
  • Twisted or damaged saddle.
  • Torn or worn handle bar tape.
  • Damaged or worn chain rings and sprockets.
  • Damaged or worn chain.
  • Damage to cranks or pedals.
  • Condition or gear and brake cables.
  • Damage to frame tubes.
  • Loose or broken spokes.
  • Condition of brake calipers.
  • All bearings should run smoothly.

So your bike is now clean, dry it with a clean cloth and if you want it to really shine, getrepparttar spray polish out, but donít get any onrepparttar 142428 brake surface or you wont be able to stoprepparttar 142429 first time you go out. Next you have to oilrepparttar 142430 chain and all moving parts, brake pivot bolts, front and rear derailleur, pedal springs andrepparttar 142431 pivots onrepparttar 142432 brake levers, wipe away any spilt oil, check your gears and brakes work well, pump up your tires and away you go on your clean and sparkling bike. Oh! And remember to put back all that stuff from underrepparttar 142433 sink before you go on your bike ride or youíll be making your own dinner when you get home.


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