Tasty Rice Pudding

Written by Kenia Morales

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cinnamon sticks, stir in rice. When rice tenders completely stir in evaporated milk, sugar, salt and vanilla.

Cover and let it simmer for 10 minutes. It makes up to 4 servings. It can be serve hot or cold.

Kenia Morales is the publisher and owner of online magazine " For Every Apect Of Today's Woman " http://www.kpatra.com . It covers a wide variety of women related issues and topics.

Harry Potter and the Gargantuan Page Turner

Written by Paula Bardell

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Unsurprisingly, Phoenix, like earlier books inrepparttar series, has been subject to intense political and moral analysis. Since Harry Potter andrepparttar 125527 Philosopher’s Stone (the Sorceror’s Stone inrepparttar 125528 US), first tookrepparttar 125529 American reading-public by storm in 1997, there have been vicious attacks by Christian fundamentalists who believerepparttar 125530 series is cultivating a generation of “evil-doers”. Indeed,repparttar 125531 more extreme of these groups have accused Rowling of deliberately “spreading witchcraft”. Afterrepparttar 125532 release of book four,repparttar 125533 Minnesota Star Tribune reported that a New Mexico town had actually held a book burning, andrepparttar 125534 People Magazine informed its readers that parents acrossrepparttar 125535 country were seeking to banrepparttar 125536 book from their children's school libraries. Mercifully,repparttar 125537 vast majority of American families have taken Harry to their hearts and Phoenix has broken all US sales records, outselling evenrepparttar 125538 biography of former first lady, Hillary Clinton.

In a far more agnostically inclined Britain, critics have tended to complain that Potter and his palls are a tad too “Middle-England” for their liking. However, I can only surmise that there must be a distinct lack of humour amongst present-day literary commentators because Rowling is quite obviously being ironic when she writes ofrepparttar 125539 curtain-twitching residents of Privet Drive andrepparttar 125540 Minister of Magic in his pinstriped robes.

The Order ofrepparttar 125541 Phoenix is by farrepparttar 125542 most sophisticated and mature book ofrepparttar 125543 series so far; it is also a more confident work than its predecessors. Althoughrepparttar 125544 earlier books were far more comedy-driven, there are still many hilarious scenes in Phoenix that will amuse children and adults alike. The narrative moves at a cracking pace as Harry struggles to convincerepparttar 125545 wizard world that Voldemort has returned, andrepparttar 125546 book's prodigious size allows Rowling to weave in serious themes.

With two books to go, it remains to be seen which direction Rowling’s storytelling will take, but it seems likely thatrepparttar 125547 link between Harry and Voldemort will lead to ever more elaborate plot-twists and sensational revelations. Inrepparttar 125548 meantime, Pottermania will continue to inspire children acrossrepparttar 125549 globe to read – a truly magical achievement in itself.

Paula is a poet, essayist and short-story writer who has contributed features to numerous guidebooks, magazines and journals on the subjects of literature, travel, culture and history. She lives in North Wales (UK) and is currently the editor of two popular online guides.

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