Tarot Card: The World

Written by Universal Psychic Guild

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You will experience temporary blocks to your progress, with nothing really happening, or you may be unemployed atrepparttar present time.


You will feel that everyone inrepparttar 122185 world has what they want but you, and you will want to go away and leave everything behind or begin a new life all over again somewhere else, You will be upset with another who will call and break an appointment or meeting. You won't feel like dealing with others who call you onrepparttar 122186 phone. You will no longer be content to go along withrepparttar 122187 status quo or accept a subservient role nor will you accept your fate with compliance.

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Positive Law

Written by Terry Dashner

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This brings me back to where I started. The argument today is whether or not national law (and interpreters ofrepparttar lawójudges) is higher or superior to Godís Law. Most of todayís intellectuals would tell you that Western law is not based on Godís moral law. And they do this with a straight face. Itís againstrepparttar 122184 law ofrepparttar 122185 state to murder. Godís Law says that murder is proscribed, andrepparttar 122186 one who premeditatesrepparttar 122187 murder of another person shall pay with oneís own life. Itís againstrepparttar 122188 state law to shoplift. Godís law also says itís wrong to steal. The state says itís criminal to slander someone. Godís Law says that no man may bear false witness against his neighbor. If that isnít a reflection of state law emulating Godís Law, then Iím missing something.

The challenge before us is great. It is to reverse a mindset that has been honed onrepparttar 122189 secular teaching of atheism and relativism by godless philosophers and scientists forrepparttar 122190 past 300 years. When man began to elevate human reasoning over faith inrepparttar 122191 17th century, events soon followed that threw traditional beliefs into a tailspin. These were proven and established doctrines ofrepparttar 122192 church that had held true, most of them sincerepparttar 122193 time ofrepparttar 122194 Holy Roman Empire. Our task is to call America back to her heritage. It is to call her back to God. This, my friend, is our challengeóto save America from godless deception.

Terry Dashner

Writes articles on America's early history. 918-451-0270

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