Tarot Basics

Written by Lisa Lamont

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The origins of Tarot vary almost as widely as there are people exploitingrepparttar powers of these fascinating cards. Some maintainrepparttar 122140 cards have roots beginning inrepparttar 122141 ancient mysteries of Egypt,repparttar 122142 mythical city of doomed Atlantis, or fromrepparttar 122143 magic-filled background ofrepparttar 122144 European gypsies. But etymologically speaking, that is, considering Tarot fromrepparttar 122145 history ofrepparttar 122146 word itself, this mysterious deck of future-foretelling cards probably came into being inrepparttar 122147 northern Italian courts of nobility duringrepparttar 122148 mid-15th century.

Whatever and wheneverrepparttar 122149 source of Tarot, this remarkable deck of cards remains an entertaining and intriguing journey intorepparttar 122150 unknown,repparttar 122151 inexplicable, andrepparttar 122152 sometimes mystifying realms of life. Perhapsrepparttar 122153 roots of Tarot lie shrouded in doubt for a reason. Perhaps Tarot is meant to mystify as well as to reveal. Perhaps…onlyrepparttar 122154 Tarot cards know for sure!

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All About Tarot is an information packed website that features loads of useful links and articles! Visit now at: http://www.all-about-tarot.com

All About Tarot is an information packed website that features loads of useful links and articles! Visit now at: http://www.all-about-tarot.com

I Drank Tea in December

Written by Arthur Zulu

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January 10, 2005. I sat down to read a letter from home. And then camerepparttar sentence: “The juju priest who said you will die in December died that very month and has been buried.” That was when I knewrepparttar 122139 reason forrepparttar 122140 distress call in December. I had been required to come and to make sacrifices to impotent gods to survive December. Pityrepparttar 122141 “authoritative,” “all knowing” juju priest. Didn’t know that death is everywhere. Didn’t know that he was prophesying his own death. Didn’t know that I was enjoying my tea way back in December. Equivocation.

Mohandas Gandhi said: “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you would live forever.” That has been my guiding principle. Who is afraid of death? Someone said “the tragedy of life is not that it ends so soon, but that we wait so long to begin it.” What matters inrepparttar 122142 end is not how long we live. But “it’srepparttar 122143 life in your years, said Abraham Lincoln. Sorepparttar 122144 question that we should ask ourselves is, How would I be remembered? Not a few people care if they were remembered for vileness. But even if you were known in your lifetime for some spectacular achievement, it adds to nothing.

Ifrepparttar 122145 Bible were a book of epitaphs,repparttar 122146 second verse of Ecclesiastes is dear to my heart. It simply states: “The greatest vanity! Everything is vanity!” And that’srepparttar 122147 dinkum oil.

As we take our tea, with DD Phil and Val K happy that their controversial writer is still alive,repparttar 122148 fact remains that we must die of something someday. And if my people supposing I was dead had wept over me and buried my effigy, I will haverepparttar 122149 singular honor or infamy of being mourned and buried twice.

Yet it is good to be alive.

So even if I were to pass on tomorrow, let it be known thatrepparttar 122150 priest LIED. I drank tea in December.

Arthur Zulu is an editor, book reviewer, and author of Chasing Shadows!, How to Write a Best-seller, A Letter to Noah, and many other works. For his works and FREE help for writers, goto: http://controversialwriter.tripod.com Mailto: controversialwriter@yahoo.com Web search: Arthur Zulu

Arthur Zulu is an editor, author, and book reviewer.

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