Targeted Ezine Advertising

Written by Marla Bland

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If you want to check even further, you could contactrepparttar publisher and find out howrepparttar 125065 subscribers were obtained. Purchased subscribers tend to be less responsive than those that have readily signed up atrepparttar 125066 publisher's website. Ifrepparttar 125067 publisher has automatically subscribed people that have posted an ad at a classified site, don't EVEN go there!

Most publishers use multiple means of obtaining subscribers, which will yield a subscriber base that is hard to judge. Another good question to ask - Isrepparttar 125068 list cleaned on a regular basis? Arerepparttar 125069 addresses that have bounced several times removed? My list may be smaller because of it, but 3 times in a row and they're OUT!

You should now be able to narrow your list down to your favorite 3-5 ezines. The marketing "gurus" would give you a formula for determining ifrepparttar 125070 cost is within reason.

My formula? I like to place top sponsor ads or solo ads. (and free classified ads - but those I'll place in any targeted ezine! Hey, they only cost a little time!)

So... I look at all of my favorite targeted ezines, and discard any that are out of my price range. Then I look at those left to see which offersrepparttar 125071 best price per subscriber for a top sponsor or solo ad. I'll try that one first.

Oh, and... don't forget to track your results!

Marla Bland, Editor of Dynamic Marketing Newsletter Free ezine Ads for subscribers. Low cost and no cost advertising methods to build a profitable online business.

"The Art of Networking Online"

Written by Merle

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Discussion Lists: Another important area in your networking efforts. You should know whererepparttar best two-way discussions are taking place and subscribe to a few. With discussion lists you'll be rubbing elbows withrepparttar 125064 "Internet Elite." Not only can you learn a lot by actually contributing to these lists your comments will be posted live to thousands of eyeballs. Make sure you use a good signature line when posting.

This tactic will driverepparttar 125065 curious to your site and again, maybe a potential customer later on. Be ready to give sincere help and show you know your stuff. By doing so, you'll be establishing yourself as an expert in your field. You may even obtain some level of "Internet Notoriety" for yourself and you'll meet and make friends with many other experts alongrepparttar 125066 way.

Make sure you spend time readingrepparttar 125067 posts and visiting any websites that may further your own Internet business. I honestly believe what you put out comes back to you threefold. So, if you help someone, eventually it will come back to you. When you help someone else you're also helping yourself. Again, join lists related to your field. Some of my favorites can be found at Adventive's site.

Message Boards: If you've been workingrepparttar 125068 Web for any length of time you know what a message board (aka forum) is, and where repparttar 125069 best ones can be found. Again, make it a habit to post to a few every day with a good sig line. You'd be amazed atrepparttar 125070 number of powerful people you can meet through a board. Make sure you share information, resources, and answer others' questions when you can.

Before long you'll be known as a helpful reliable resource who knows what they're talking about. If you do a search you'll find thousands of boards on which to post. It's up to you to decide which ones are worth your time.

Some of my personal favorites are:

You'll find a nice list here

As you can see networking online means getting involved and getting your name out there every chance you get. Don't be afraid to participate. By utilizing these three networking tools it won't be long before others turn to you for advice and guidance, and who knows, you too may wind up becoming one ofrepparttar 125071 "Internet Elite."

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