Tap Into 'Hidden' Assets and Multiply Your Profits!

Written by Edward Green

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How would you go about setting up a highly profitable "Host/Beneficiary Relationship" to market that product?

Getting Started

Here's a simple three-step process to get you started developing profitable Host/Beneficiary Relationships.

1) Make a list of allrepparttar business people you know who've developed strong positive and trusting relationships with their customer base or client list.

2) Examine each of these potential "Hosts" to be certain they don't offer products that would be in competition with your own.

3) Make your pitch. Send a one-page letter introducing your company and inviting them to consider a joint-venture proposal. Assure them your product is non-competitive, and that you'll preparerepparttar 117974 offer and track responses (all they'll have to do is sign a letter to their customers which you'll have written). Offer them a generous commission for each sale generated from their list. Also assure their customers will thank them (because you'll be giving customers who respond a valuable FREE _____).

A Brief Case Study is Available for You

Theory is great! However, I'll bet before you're convinced this strategy really works, you'd like a specific example.

To obtain a brief case study useful for Network Marketing just send an e-mail request to: mailto:example@ggalaxy.com Look forrepparttar 117975 example to be 'in your mail-box' within seconds. Study includes sample letter for Beneficiary to send to Host.

Take this basic concept, expand upon it, and make it yours!

In addition to 'standard' businesses, it will work for nearly every MLM, affiliate program, or direct marketing business you represent. It has both online and off-line applications that work, regardless ofrepparttar 117976 type of business.

So go ahead. Use your Host's 'hidden' assets to build a profitable business and multiplyrepparttar 117977 profits for you both! [By-the-way... if you own a 'Host' business, you might want to consider allrepparttar 117978 ways this terrific strategy can work 'in reverse' for YOUR hidden assets

Edward Green is president of TM&A Creative Marketing Inc. and long time Jay Abraham Protege´. You'll want to visit his website, GREEN'S GALAXY [http://ggalaxy.com] to read 'How to Overcome 10 Deadly Marketing Mistakes...' and download your FREE "Scientific Advertising" e-book!

8 Tips for working from home

Written by Verena Zbinden

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5. This tip is especially for women and housemen!

Explain to your children what you are doing. Make arrangements with them so you're not constantly interrupted. Maybe you have to hire a baby-sitter?

After all, when you worked a regular job, isn't this what you had to do? I know a mother who involves her school age children and then pays them a percentage of her revenue.

It's a great idea to awake that entrepreneurial spirit!

6. Find a company that gets you excited!

Whether you market a product or a service, look carefully atrepparttar company. What is their track record? Do they enterrepparttar 117973 market with a new company every few months, only to takerepparttar 117974 money and run...? Do your homework!

7. Choose a company that offers training...

Maybe even certification in their specific field. Look at it from your point of view: If you could designrepparttar 117975 perfect business, what features would it have? Then look for that company... even if it's your own!

8. So now, sit back and get rich quick onrepparttar 117976 Internet...

WRONG! Remember, evenrepparttar 117977 best companies withrepparttar 117978 best products aren't worth anything without people. Learn what it is that people want and then sharerepparttar 117979 benefits of your product or service.

It isrepparttar 117980 *benefits* that you market notrepparttar 117981 products or services. "Sellrepparttar 117982 sizzle notrepparttar 117983 steak".


Verena Zbinden is a national trainer for HealthyFix, a division of the Life Extension Center, an industry leader in the field of Health and Nutrition. She helps people achieve optimum health! To send her your comments, please write to verena@iglobal.net or visit her website at http://www.healthyfix.net

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