Tantrums - Breaking the Cycle

Written by Ann Harth

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* Clarifyrepparttar rules to yourself. Before you enter a tantrum-triggering zone, make sure that your rules are reasonable and consistent. There are no compromises at this stage. If your child refuses to eat dinner but insists on dessert, choose one phrase. "Dinner, then dessert." This way, whenrepparttar 150641 begging starts or questions are fired at you, you can respond with a simple, sanity-saving comment, almost like a mantra.

* Clarifyrepparttar 150642 rules to your child. Before entering a situation that is likely to provoke a tantrum, quietly, but firmly explain what is expected of your child. "You may watch this program. When it is over,repparttar 150643 TV is turned off. Do you agree?" If a tantrum occurs whenrepparttar 150644 TV is turned off afterrepparttar 150645 program, your phrase can be, "We agreed, no more TV today."

* Stay Calm. Easier said than done. Try to tune out. Try to ignorerepparttar 150646 unwanted behavior by not responding or responding only with your practiced phrase. A child will realize that she's getting nowhere and be confused. She'll turn uprepparttar 150647 heat. The cries may become screeches andrepparttar 150648 dinner may be thrown acrossrepparttar 150649 room (although it might be a good idea to removerepparttar 150650 dinner after a few refusals, just in case). That's OK. She's gettingrepparttar 150651 message. If you do not react, she will eventually realize. The tantrum isn't working.

* Don't give up. This is imperative at this stage. If you usually give in after five minutes and this time, you held out for ten, next time you're in for a longer stint. In your child's mind,repparttar 150652 tantrum still worked, she just had to work a little harder. So will you.

* Reward immediately. If you stick with it, eventually your child will see thatrepparttar 150653 tantrums no longer have any effect. As soon as you seerepparttar 150654 tiniest improvement, offer a reward. I don't mean to change your rules. If your child screams for only two minutes instead of three and then agrees to turn offrepparttar 150655 TV, don't reward her with more TV. She will be confused. You will be sending her a mixed message. Reward her with a story or a walk or a cuddle. "You cried much less today than you did last time. Good for you."

Taming tantrums is challenging and rewarding. Be gentle with yourself. There will be setbacks and days when things seem worse. It can be difficult but it's temporary. When your child's eyes begin to shine throughrepparttar 150656 haze of anger and frustration, you will agree. The long-term benefits are worth it.

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Top List Of Baby Girls Names - Choosing Perfect Baby Names For Girls

Written by Olinda Rola

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Looking atrepparttar list of baby girls names that arerepparttar 150621 most popular is a fun and practical way to see what girls names are frequently used. Here isrepparttar 150622 top list of baby girls names given to girls inrepparttar 150623 USA sincerepparttar 150624 year 2000:

1. Emily 2. Madison 3. Hannah 4. Emma 5. Ashley 6. Alexis 7. Samantha 8. Sarah 9. Abigail 10. Olivia 11. Elizabeth 12. Alyssa 13. Jessica 14. Grace 15. Lauren 16. Taylor 17. Kayla 18. Brianna 19. Isabella 20. Anna 21. Victoria 22. Sydney 23. Megan 24. Rachel 25. Jasmine

When selecting baby names for girls, remember that your girls name will always be part of her identity. Stay away from funny names. Your child or her friends may not think it is funny. Have fun withrepparttar 150625 list of baby girls names. Choose her name carefully, a name that will have meaning and significance to you and your child. She and others will be using and living with her names for her lifetime. And since you know she is going to be a star, help her on that journey by giving herrepparttar 150626 perfect girls names that she truly deserves.

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