Tanning Beds, Should You Purchase One?

Written by Ben Shar

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Do you know how to operate one? Will you takerepparttar necessary steps to keep it operational? Will you heedrepparttar 147193 warnings about them?

For many people, this is a big decision to make. It takes a lot of an investment to get one and when you do, you will need to takerepparttar 147194 time to learn how to use it properly and maintain it.

But, when you do decide to purchase one, make sure that you takerepparttar 147195 time to getrepparttar 147196 right one that fits well within your budget and your lifestyle. You will enjoyrepparttar 147197 benefit of using it within your own home as well asrepparttar 147198 knowledge that it is yours to do with what you will. But, make sure you findrepparttar 147199 time to getrepparttar 147200 right option as well! Tanning beds are a great investment if they are taken seriously!

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Stylize Your Wardrobe: 5 ways to make the most of what you already own

Written by Kim Kristofferson-Magnusson

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You count four white t-shirts, and they all have stains? Pitch every single one (no, you are not allowed to keep them for pj’s) and spendrepparttar $15 on a brand-new one. Make sure it fits you perfectly, and you will wear it under everything, dress or casual. Do you have twelve pairs of black pants, and still notrepparttar 146932 “perfect”, 365 days a year style? Get rid of all of them (painful, I know…be brave). If you can’t bear to give away perfectly good (if only slightly “last year”) styles, sell them online and userepparttar 146933 proceeds to buy THE perfect pair, even if it sets you back a few hun’. Ditto for all your denims. These arerepparttar 146934 basics that will make all your funky jackets and camis, which are so “NOW”, look so “RIGHT”.


Now, what you have left, after reliving your glory days, intermittent crying jags and laughing fits, and some tough soul-searching, isrepparttar 146935 ‘Best ofrepparttar 146936 Best’ –repparttar 146937 epitome ofrepparttar 146938 Fashion Called You! This will becomerepparttar 146939 basis for your “signature” style…pieces that make you feel great, pretty, sexy, smart…who knew fashion could be such a pick-me-up. If there’s not much left, it’s time to go shopping, girl! Each season, use your “pin money” (aka your secret stash) to pick up some inexpensive pieces inrepparttar 146940 latest and greatest colors and styles to round out and extendrepparttar 146941 life of your basics. Voila…you finally have SOMETHING to wear!

About the Author: Kim Kristofferson-Magnusson lovergirl@lovergirlpromotions.com http://www.lovergirlpromotions.com

Kim Kristofferson-Magnusson is the founder of Lovergirl Promotions, a company that designs fun and funky Tshirts for women celebrating “life’s little luxuries”. Sign up for our popular monthly newsletter at http://www.lovergirlpromotions.com for a chance to win a free Tshirt!

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