Tame Your Worst Enemy, Fear

Written by A.Z. Alfred

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I heard myself talking on Radio Shows. I saw myself getting a warm hug from Oprah Winfrey on her show. I sat on her cream cushion as I got allrepparttar entire audience applauding. I sat leg crossed, talking excitedly about my book when I got a back slap. It was my poet friend. I jolted out of my limbo, hating him for cutting short my daydream.

But something had happened to me. Some adrenalin had pumped through my whole system, motivating me to dare for success. A force had been released, devouring my worst enemy. It all came from a picture most readers simply flipped over. Do you think Iím crazy?

Iím not. Iím just like a little boy who jumped down a stairway and cracked three ribs, after watching Superman. (May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace. I mean Christopher Reeves.) It is not funny,repparttar 145615 little boy did what he had imagined of himself. He did, at least for once in his lifetime, flew like his friend from Krypton. He did kill his worst enemy. It all came from a movie most viewers simply enjoyed.

Itís okay when you laugh atrepparttar 145616 little boyís ignorance. Itís okay when you think Iím stupid to have wasted my time concentrating on a cover page. But it not okay when you hide behind your real self. Itís not okay when you live inrepparttar 145617 shadow of reality. Itís not okay when you settle for less, avoiding risks. Itís not okay when you shelve your dreams because you donít want to hurt your worst enemy, fear. It can never be okay when fear rules your life.

I do not sayrepparttar 145618 child in you that turns pales when it comes to taking giant strides should cease to exist, but Iím saying you have to berepparttar 145619 one in charge. Like Mark Twain said, ďCourage isrepparttar 145620 resistance to fear, mostly of fearónot absence of fear.Ē

Mark Twain, like you and me, once had his fear, but he broke away from its manacles. He mastered it. He placed it in chains and dragged it like a tamed dog as he goes about his journey to success.

Coming soon, ďHaiku with loveĒ An inspiring poetry collection by A.Z. Alfred. To be published by Author House, USA. www.writesight.com/blackzeal101

A.Z. Alfred is a writer and a motivational speaker whose greatest pleasure is observing the world through a window while listening to inspirational songs.

So Close, yet so Far

Written by Romel Wallace

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Marketers that are currently earning any significant income onrepparttar 'Net (or offrepparttar 145364 'Net for that matter) know that (1) you must never quit and (2) trial and error is many times inevitable. After awhile, you gain experience (which is a nice way of saying you have taken your lumps).

Experience isrepparttar 145365 key.

I believe that you should not chase every program underrepparttar 145366 sun. You need to find a few select programs that really work and truly work them. It isrepparttar 145367 quality and notrepparttar 145368 quantity ofrepparttar 145369 programs that will lead to your success.

There are just certain tools that every marketer should have to even begin to think about succeeding online. They don't have to berepparttar 145370 exact tools that I use, but they should be inrepparttar 145371 ball park.

Chooserepparttar 145372 right programs, userepparttar 145373 right tools andrepparttar 145374 right techniques.

And most of all - Never, Ever quit.

Romel Wallace, Jr. is the founder of http://www.makeachange.com - "Make A Change by Associating with Programs that Really Work". Subscribe to Make A Change Success Tips (MAC) at subscribe@makeachange.com to find out how. You may freely distribute this article if left intact including this notice.

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