Talk to the Animals

Written by Dale Power

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For instance I can gain instant good behavior from my cat by offering her a dish of tuna. This includes such things as calling her from a distance, sitting on demand and standing up to ďbegĒ for food. All I have to do is make good on my offer each time I make it.

For her part she tells me if she wishes to be petted, fed, have her litter box cleaned and be let in or out. Including at times attempts to call me from a distance. It may seem a little lackluster as far as communication goes, but she is a cat, so you can only ask for so much. (As I wrote this she walked intorepparttar room and glared at me for almost a minute.)

This same technique will work with any animal. I recommend that once you pick it up, you make an effort to connect with every animal you meet throughout your day. They tend to like it when you donít confuse them with conflicting thoughts and strange ideas they donít comprehend. These methods can help you do that.

*You will wish to quiet your mind as much as possible. When you reach a calm state, pay attention to any concepts, ideas, or feelings that cross your mind.

*Focus your attention onrepparttar 122111 animal you are addressing or listening to. This does not mean you have to stare at them. That is intimidating to most animals. Just think about them in a conceptual fashion, keeprepparttar 122112 idea of them in mind.

*After a few moments you will feel a connection grow between you. At this point you are in communication with them.

*They will present information to you freely. To send them a message, holdrepparttar 122113 idea you wish to present to them in mind for a few moments, until they respond to you, on a psychic level.

*Now thatrepparttar 122114 channel is open, you can ask them to do things and respond to their needs far more accurately than you could otherwise.

This all happens in a matter of seconds and with only a small bit of practice you will find yourself open to this form of information allrepparttar 122115 time.

With this basic technique you can do much more than talk to animals, such as connect with plants and even humans. Animals are easier to understand in some ways, because they have a great clarity of thought on this level, that humans often lack, and a strength of presence rarely found in plants. Experimenting with this skill is fun and easy to do, oncerepparttar 122116 basic method has been learned, so think outside ofrepparttar 122117 box and try communicating with different things you encounter. You may be surprised at what answers you.

A psychic link to animals in general and to your pets in particular is highly rewarding. More importantly, these skills will allow you to understand any health or behavior issues that an animal is having, which gives yourepparttar 122118 chance to give them help, which they might otherwise have to go without.

Dale Power is a psychic healer, researcher and educator that has been focusing on ways to improve psychic functioning in humans for the last twenty years. Go to: to find out more about the work being done.

Death, Time, and Struggle

Written by White Feather

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The two main reasons people choose to die are time and struggle. There are those two words again. Most of us choose to die because we are tired of struggling, or because we don't like this time and want to move on to a different time. The method we use to die, whether it is being hit by a bus, dying in an earthquake, having a heart attack, cancer, or being murdered, is justrepparttar tool we employ to carry outrepparttar 122110 choice we made at whatever level.

Sometimes, we die because it isrepparttar 122111 only way we know how to change.

So it would seem thatrepparttar 122112 way to overcome death would be to change our perception of time and struggle, and to learn how to change. Change is utilizing death without dying.

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