Taking Stock!

Written by Harry Robinson

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3. Again write down every option you can think of which will get you back inro work in any respect...looking at all options including voluntary, part time, full time, government related assistance schemes and Odd-jobbing. At this stage do not discount anything, even putting your name about to cut grass or baby sit in your local area!

4. Ok Time for a game plan...looking at everything you have written ...what isrepparttar best option for you Right Now! If you have some capital you may be able to go forrepparttar 149470 extra qualification route and supplement your income with oddjobs or part-time work. Evening classes may be a way forward as well as full time working. Voluntary work will probably lead to greater networking opportunities. What ever you decide to do...ACTION is required! Don't just Talkrepparttar 149471 Talk......Walkrepparttar 149472 Walk.

I know ...I've been there ...a two year distance learning course changed my life around, gave me a focus and let me live a life that I could not have envisaged before.

Takerepparttar 149473 Broad Concept and mold it to your personal needs and use it as a tool whenever you need to.


I am a retired Business entrepreneur seeking to assist people to aspire to their greatest goals in life. Amongst other things I am a proud Partner of ... http://www.England.Bidhire.com

How to Become an Interior Designer

Written by Liz Smith

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Create a Portfolio

As you volunteer to make interior design changes for friends and family members, keep a record of what you do, thus building a portfolio that will help you when you look for a paying job inrepparttar industry. Companies will be much more likely to hire you to be an interior designer if they can take a look at some ofrepparttar 149370 spaces youíve designed. Your portfolio will help a potential employer get a feel for your talents, your perspective and your ideas.

Start Out On Your Own

If you would like to become an interior designer, but donít likerepparttar 149371 idea of working for someone else, you may want to choose to go into business for yourself. If you decide to do this, itís helpful if youíre someone who is self-motivated and who isnít afraid to self-promote. You might want to work from home at first, thus saving money on office space. Referrals from family and friends may berepparttar 149372 best way of getting work to begin with and then word of mouth can do wonders to help you build your business if people likerepparttar 149373 work you do.

Liz Smith writes about Interior Decorating and Interior Design.

Liz Smith is Editor-in-Chief of Trouve Publishing.

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