Taking Panoramic Landscapes - The Easy Solution

Written by Gary Nugent

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Then I recently came across a free bit of software called AutoStitch. Written by a couple of students atrepparttar University of Columbia, this takes all ofrepparttar 150707 heartache out of creating panoramas. All you do is selectrepparttar 150708 size ofrepparttar 150709 final image and tell it what images you want it to stitch. It then goes off and produces your panorama.

It really is that simple. Unless successive images are radically different in exposure (i.e. one image to too light or dark compared to another), it seamlessly blends them. It performs allrepparttar 150710 warping ofrepparttar 150711 images necessary to get them to align (other software I've used can cause ghosting inrepparttar 150712 overlap areas where it hasn't quite alignedrepparttar 150713 images). It also aligns multiple rows of images rather than just a single strip.

Even better, it doesn't require you to set up your camera to rotate about its nodal point. When I was in Crete last year, I tried shooting a few panoramas with my Canon EOS 300D held up to my eye (I didn't have a tripod with me). When I got home, I tried stitchingrepparttar 150714 pictures together using various bits of software (including software dedicated to stitching images together) and didn't get satisfactory results. I knew, though, that it was because I'd swivelledrepparttar 150715 camera about my spine. But I tried these images with AutoStitch and they came out perfectly. See for yourself here.

I went walking uprepparttar 150716 Wicklow mountains in Ireland no too long ago and up to a high point called Djouce which offers a view overrepparttar 150717 rolling hills south of Dublin. As an experiment, I shot 8 frames while rotating my head aboutrepparttar 150718 scene (camera to eye as per normal). I wanted to see ifrepparttar 150719 Crete photos were a fluke asrepparttar 150720 panoramas from there were composed of, at most, 3 frames each (sometimes 2).


What can I say? I plugged 8 frames into AutoStitch and after a bit of time processingrepparttar 150721 images, it produced a perfect panorama with no ghosting I could see inrepparttar 150722 overlap reasons. I like software like that. It may only do one thing but it does that one thing very well.

Give AutoStitch a try. It's free and, so far, it producesrepparttar 150723 best panoramic results of allrepparttar 150724 panorama/stitching software I've tried.

One thing to remember when taking panoramas is thatrepparttar 150725 exposures of each frame should berepparttar 150726 same. So if you make your first exposure at f/8 and 1/125 of a second, take them all using those settings. Yes, you will have to put your camera into manual mode. Otherwise, you runrepparttar 150727 risk of having radically different exposures for your images. For example, if you're panning over a landscape that contains water, like a lake, any sunlight reflected offrepparttar 150728 water may make your camera take a shorter exposure than forrepparttar 150729 other frames in your sequence. Setting your camera to manual mode will prevent that.

Gary Nugent is a software engineer by profession and has been in the business for over 20 years. Photography has been a hobby for an even longer period of time and he's now even more passionate about it since making the switch to using a digital SLR camera. He runs the Great Landscape Photography website: http://www.great-landscape-photography.com

The Business of Prizewinning

Written by Susie Brown

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1. Find out who is runningrepparttar contest. Often it will be a number of different companies. Find a logo for each ofrepparttar 150706 sponsors. 2. Obtain pictures that fit in withrepparttar 150707 prize. For example: ifrepparttar 150708 prize is a tropical island holiday, find (or draw) pictures ofrepparttar 150709 location, or of activities that can be done there. This can be as simple as cutting outrepparttar 150710 pictures fromrepparttar 150711 competition page itself. 3. Think of an original way to presentrepparttar 150712 entry to make it eye-catching. The aim is to makerepparttar 150713 judges pick a particular entry out of a pile of thousands. Ifrepparttar 150714 entry is going to be on paper: • Use coloured paper, rather than white. • Write in colour, or printrepparttar 150715 entry in colourful font. • Add pictures as a border. • Prominently placerepparttar 150716 sponsors’ logos onrepparttar 150717 page.

Not surprisingly,repparttar 150718 best chance of all comes with a lot more effort. Turnrepparttar 150719 entry into a model, or a mobile, or a comic strip, or a mini-book. For example:repparttar 150720 competition asks for 25 words about a phone company. Makerepparttar 150721 entry inrepparttar 150722 shape of a phone, withrepparttar 150723 25 words placed onrepparttar 150724 keys. Presenting entries like this will immediately attract attention, therefore increasingrepparttar 150725 chances of a prize. 4. Don’t stop with an eye-catching entry. Makerepparttar 150726 envelope stand out fromrepparttar 150727 rest too. There are two main ways to do this: • Use a coloured envelope, or glue pictures all over a plain one and contact it for protection. (Make sure thatrepparttar 150728 address can still be clearly seen!) • Sendrepparttar 150729 entry by Express Postrepparttar 150730 day beforerepparttar 150731 contest closes. As well as standing out,repparttar 150732 entry will also be closer torepparttar 150733 top ofrepparttar 150734 pile. If it is opened early and is impressive, it may becomerepparttar 150735 “entry to beat.”

Follow these simple steps and first prize may only be a contest away. Good Luck!

Susie Brown is an experienced writer, with internet publishing credits in non-fiction and fiction. She is also published in the educational market, producing both teaching resources and children’s fiction. Susie works as a freelance copyeditor, proofreader and manuscript assessor. Website: www.scribedbysusie.com Email: siusaidh@scribedbysusie.com

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