Taking Back Your Power in Health Care

Written by Dave Lappin

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This is not to say we tossrepparttar medical establishment and all its health care aside. That would be foolish. Our society as a whole has not learned how to manage their own health successfully, so it must rely on external sources to help do this. I believe we must look beyond what we are doing now if we are really going to make headway in this health care crisis. We each have innate healing power, but until we begin to use that power, we will always be dependent on others to care for us.

We must start by realizing that we are more than human beings. We are, as Dr. Wayne Dyer has stated, “spiritual beings having a human experience.” We have lulled ourselves into thinking that we are just flesh and blood and therefore have limited ourselves in what we can do. I have heard too many times of miracle cures taking place.

Our world is truly at a precipice in more ways than one. We have ignored our power for too long. How many people know that they are spiritual, creative beings? How many people know that they can create miracles in their lives? How many people know that their thoughts are real and have an effect in their lives? How many people know that their real power lies within them and always has?

Like Dorothy inrepparttar 122408 “Wizard of Oz”, we too haverepparttar 122409 power to “go home.” Until we acceptrepparttar 122410 spiritual asrepparttar 122411 foundation of life, then real change will be elusive. “Spiritual” does not reside in one religion or group, but rather in all of us. All of our great spiritual teachers have taught us this. The The only “crisis” that remains is withinrepparttar 122412 individual and asking, “Am I willing to take back my own power and berepparttar 122413 creative being that I am? The Kingdom of Heaven truly is within.

Dave Lappin is a Reiki Master, writer, teacher, speaker and artist. He was formerly the Director of the School of Metaphysics in St. Louis and Springfield, Missouri. He has lectured to groups all over the Midwest on a variety of metaphysical topics. He and his wife, Brenda, are co-founders of The Center for Intuitive Development and Healing in Springfield, Missouri. You can reach Dave by e-mail at: dlappin@alltel.net Website: http://www.intuition2.com

The 5 Stages of Life Transformation

Written by Michelle L. Casto, M.Ed.

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Stage 1: Cocoon Stage This stage is characterized by feelings of comfort, as you are beginning to awaken torepparttar need to change. You begin to realize you could be so much more and recognize an error in judgment or dysfunctional pattern (s). Stage 2: Growth Stage This stage is characterized by feelings of discomfort, as you are beginning to stretch yourself, your abilities, your environment. You experience new ways of being and thinking and haverepparttar 122407 desire to transform yourself. Stage 3: Change Stage This stage is characterized by feelings of panic and fear, as you are beginning to look, feel, and act differently. You have a gut instinct that this change will be good for you, and request that Spirit assist you & provide with you with guidance. Stage 4: Flight Stage This stage is characterized by feelings of confidence and courage, as you spread your wings to leave your old home to find a new home. You now recognize yourself as a beautiful creature, have excitement about future possibilities and you just do it. Stage 5: Conscious Stage This stage is characterized by feelings of inner peace and joy, as you remember and realize who you really are. You now understand that you are a co-creator and possessrepparttar 122408 power to become whatever you want to be and do whatever you want to do.

***This article was adapted from Life Transformation 101 Workbook: How to Make Life Changes and Let Your Soul Be Your Guide

Michelle L. Casto, M.Ed. is a whole life coach, speaker, and author. She has written three self-help books and a dozen workbooks on life empowerment topics. Her coaching practice is Brightlight Coaching. She helps people come up with bright ideas for their life and empowers them to freely shine their bright light to the world. Contact her for a complimentary coaching session: coach@brightlightcoach.com or Visit virtually: www.getsmartseries.com www.brightlightcoach.com

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