Taking Advantage of the BEST Advertising Around

Written by Joe Bingham

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Consistently placing advertising in an ezine that is itself growing and trying to attract more readers and better attention to its advertising will achieverepparttar best results.

Examine also howrepparttar 124404 ezine you are looking into features their ads. Dorepparttar 124405 ads look like an important part ofrepparttar 124406 ezine or an intrusion? Arerepparttar 124407 ads featured near important articles or dumped all atrepparttar 124408 end with nothing of interest beyond them to attractrepparttar 124409 reader? Is it easy to skim overrepparttar 124410 ezine's ads or are they offset to grab your attention?

Most likely, however you viewrepparttar 124411 ads in an ezine is how others will view your ad. Choose ezines that work to put their purchased ads in front of their readers where they will be noticed.

Ezines are dynamic. The publishers behind them do want your advertising business and will work with you to achieve results. Ezines reach people better than any other source of advertising onrepparttar 124412 Internet today. Just make sure you work withrepparttar 124413 ezine publisher as far as followingrepparttar 124414 appropriate ad guidelines and submission requirements.

There are many programs available as well to help you take advantage ofrepparttar 124415 power of ezine advertising. Look into themrepparttar 124416 same way you look into advertising with individual ezines. Which give you repeat advertising? Which put your ads intorepparttar 124417 best target market?

A lot of ezines and ezine programs would love to make your money. However, it's up to you to make sure your money is well spent. Ezines arerepparttar 124418 best form of advertising. That's conclusive. From here out, it's just a matter of findingrepparttar 124419 best ezines and programs for your campaign.

Joe Bingham, Editor of the NetPlay Newsletters Publish Your Own Quality Ezine with Little Work and a Lot of Help http://www.netplaynewsletters.com/publisher.html

9 Tips for Marketing with Electronic Newsletters

Written by Joe Gracia

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No one wants to receive and read a newsletter filled only with product promotions -- and they won't.

We teachrepparttar Give to Get Marketing philosophy -- Give your prospects and customers what they want, and you'll get what you want.

Fill your newsletter with helpful information that your prospects and customers would actually want to read, maybe even look forward to receiving

Of course, you also want to include information about your products and services, so be sure to provide one or two offers in each issue of your newsletter.

80% content, 20% promotion is a good mix.


You can deliver your newsletter once a month, twice a month, or once a week.

The more frequently you can send out your newsletter to your prospect/customer list,repparttar 124403 more effective it will be. You'll have to decide how often you want to commit to this marketing effort. The important thing is to be consistent.


Your newsletter should be written for your subscribers to address their interests -- not yours.

To determine if you're delivering what your subscribers want, ask them. Let them know that you want their feedback and suggestions on how you can improve your newsletter to make it a more valuable resource for them.


The point of all your effort of creating and sending out your newsletter, is to follow up with your prospects and customers to gain their trust and their business. Give to Get.

If your product or service information is on your Web site, then you must direct your subscribers to your Web site in each issue.

You can do that by directing them to an article on your Web site that they may find appealing, or you can guide them directly to your product information pages.

The last thing you want to do, is just send out a newsletter filled with terrific content, and then fail to getrepparttar 124404 kind of action you need to grow your business.

Joe Gracia - Give to Get Marketing http://www.givetogetmarketing.com

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