Taking Action NOW: 9 Key Strategies...Part I

Written by James Smith

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Another example might be "waiting untilrepparttar last minute."

Regardless of what you try you might find yourself in a hurry with to little time and scrambling forrepparttar 148777 perfect idea.

It is not enough to recognize that you have such a challenge. Most of us are very much aware of our challenges. What we may not be so aware of isrepparttar 148778 pattern andrepparttar 148779 early warning signs ofrepparttar 148780 pattern.

If all we ever see isrepparttar 148781 end result ofrepparttar 148782 challenge, that is,repparttar 148783 moment when there is not enough time, and we find ourselves running around like a mad person, then we have no real understanding or awareness of what is going on. Therefore, we have no real opportunity to change.

Becoming aware ofrepparttar 148784 things you might do leading up torepparttar 148785 challenge is where awareness starts to create understanding and understanding starts to give way torepparttar 148786 opportunity to changerepparttar 148787 pattern.

Changingrepparttar 148788 pattern will changerepparttar 148789 results.

Ultimately you will find yourself spending less and less time inrepparttar 148790 struggle ofrepparttar 148791 mud and more and more time onrepparttar 148792 road to your success and happiness.

How aware are you ofrepparttar 148793 people, place and things in your life? Find out more by going torepparttar 148794 link below.

As your awareness grows, so will your ability to understand what keeps you moving inrepparttar 148795 direction you want to go. Making it easier for you to stay focused on your purpose.

Your purpose is what will determine your direction.

Does having a choice really matter if you don't have a purpose?

Join me next week as I discuss "Purpose," one ofrepparttar 148796 9 key strategies for Taking Action NOW.

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Boarded Windows

Written by Joi Sigers

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*** "Ifrepparttar dream was worth dreaming,repparttar 148776 work is worth working."

How many dreams have we "boarded up" too soon? What all could we have all ready missed out on?!How many days were WE from success when we quit? What if we believed more in our dreams and in ourselves?

You knowrepparttar 148777 good thing about boards and nails? They come out and they come down. The owners could, if they hadrepparttar 148778 stuff, give it another shot. They could takerepparttar 148779 boards down, sweep offrepparttar 148780 front walk, callrepparttar 148781 realtor and tell her they'd foundrepparttar 148782 perfect people.

Granted, it would take guts, boundless courage, a strong backbone and 75-pound, brass willpower, but isn't that what it took inrepparttar 148783 first place?

If they hadrepparttar 148784 legs to walkrepparttar 148785 walkrepparttar 148786 first time around, they haverepparttar 148787 legs to walkrepparttar 148788 second time around - and this time they'll knowrepparttar 148789 path better!

Do you have any dreams you need to unboard? If anything springs to mind, it's still important to you - you see it throughrepparttar 148790 boards! Takerepparttar 148791 nails out,repparttar 148792 wood planks down and let some light get in. Spruce it up and get reacquainted - promise to never give up again. YOU may be 30 days away from utopia as well, but you won't get there if you stop in your tracks.

It goes without saying, if you have dreams that you're tempted to board up - keeprepparttar 148793 nails in your pocket. Stay Open for Business and FIND A WAY....MAKE A WAY. There is always a way.

*** "The future belongs to those who believe inrepparttar 148794 beauty of their dreams." - Eleanor Roosevelt

Think about that little restaurant. What would you have toldrepparttar 148795 owners to encourage them right before they threw inrepparttar 148796 kitchen towel? I know there's advice you would have given. I also know you would have done all you could to help them - you would have stood right between them andrepparttar 148797 boards. That's where I'm planting myself right now, between you and your boards!

*** "If you want to reach your rainbow, you have to keep walking."

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Joi Sigers, Publisher and Writer of The Mental Fitness Center and blogger on a mission with Out of Bounds!

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