Taking A Little Time Out For Time

Written by Timothy Ward

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I feelrepparttar extreme need to insert a time cliche here. This cliche makes absolutely no sense whatsoever and probably has pagan, barbaric origins, but I think it summarizes what we've learned thus far in our discussion. So here goes our first time cliche 'A stitch in time saves nine'. And now back torepparttar 145853 show.

There have been numerous different kinds of clocks throughout history. Many of them made absolutely no sense whatsoever. A good example of this isrepparttar 145854 ancient Egyptian water clock, which was basically just a bowl with a hole inrepparttar 145855 bottom of it. There were markings onrepparttar 145856 inside ofrepparttar 145857 bowl that measured repparttar 145858 passage of 'hours' asrepparttar 145859 water level reached them. One of repparttar 145860 obvious problems with this clock wasrepparttar 145861 fact that whenever working-class Egyptians wanted to get off work early they would keep taking little sips of water fromrepparttar 145862 bowl/clock throughout repparttar 145863 day. This was one ofrepparttar 145864 reasons it took so long to finish repparttar 145865 Pyramids.That andrepparttar 145866 lack of power tools.

Time doesn't permit us to talk aboutrepparttar 145867 other types of ancient clocks like obelisks, sundials, and hemicycles. And there definitely isn't time to go into merkhets.

Speaking of merkhets, a close cousin ofrepparttar 145868 clock isrepparttar 145869 watch. The watch isrepparttar 145870 time-telling device that most of us use today. We do not however, use it to tell time. We use it to do numerous other tasks that watch manufacturers have incorporated into watches like instant messaging, reading email, and fast forwardingrepparttar 145871 DVD player. There's even a new watch onrepparttar 145872 market that comes equip with a radiation detector. And you laughed atrepparttar 145873 Eyptians for drinking from their time-telling devices.

Obviously, time is not something that can be explained in just one lesson. There's a ton of more interesting stuff we could go into about time but, frankly, I don't feel like takingrepparttar 145874 time to look it up right now. I believe I've achieved my goal of using as many time cliches as I possibly could in one article and now, I think it's time to call an extended timeout on this whole time subject. I'm sure when I do writerepparttar 145875 follow-up to this article that it will be just inrepparttar 145876 nick of time. Probably sometime around Wayeb 1st.

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A Georgia Superhero!

Written by Ed Williams

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Okay, there may be a couple of minor flaws in Red Clay Man, but hey, every superhero has his or her weaknesses. I guess he could only fight crime out inrepparttar rural parts of Georgia because heíd have to keep his supply of red clay continually replenished, but hey, rural Georgia has crime too, right? And I suppose heíd need a way to get around our state in order to fight crime, so what better vehicle for him to ride around in and terrify evildoers with thanrepparttar 145344 Maypop Mobile? And, since most crime fighters need a sidekick, a partner, someone to help get him out of those tight superhero type scrapes that allrepparttar 145345 great crime fighters get into, I guess Iíll need to create him one. Folks, I haverepparttar 145346 perfect one in mind, Iíll team Red Clay Man up with our newest superhero sidekick,repparttar 145347 Boiled Peanut! Put those two together, and you have one heckuva crime fighting team, two superheroes thatíll putrepparttar 145348 fear of our previous state flag into any evil doer that challenges them!

Red Clay Man andrepparttar 145349 Boiled Peanut, our two newest superheroes and Georgia ones to boot! Hey, if we can hostrepparttar 145350 Olympics in Atlanta, and if we can elect a President from here, well, we can have our own superheroes, too! And, itís in our economic best interests if Red Clay Man catches on - just think about it. Batman is out there selling tons of t-shirts, toys, and more, just think ofrepparttar 145351 red clay samples we could ship out of here on account of our newest superhero! Why,repparttar 145352 proceeds from these sales might be so great that they could even help getrepparttar 145353 City of Macon out of hock!

Edís latest book, ďRough As A Cob,ď can be ordered by calling River City Publishing toll-free at: 877-408-7078. Heís also a popular after dinner speaker, and his column runs in a number of Southeastern publications. You can contact him via email at: ed3@ed-williams.com, or through his web site address at: www.ed-williams.com.

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