Take your Go Carting Off the Street

Written by Mitch Johnson

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Althoughrepparttar catching air and riding full throttle into a ditch isrepparttar 138034 fun and thrill that attracts people to off-road go carting, it is alsorepparttar 138035 cause ofrepparttar 138036 necessary safety equipment. The brush bars on many go carts are padded of additional protection, but even without paddingrepparttar 138037 bars keep you more secure. The safety flag installed inrepparttar 138038 rear of off-road carts is needed to mark you cart among other ridingrepparttar 138039 hills and valleys. Go cart flags help other drivers near by to spot in case you are on extra hilly terrain where you might drive in and out of sight throughrepparttar 138040 valleys.

Though they are standard for many types of go carting,repparttar 138041 three point safety belts on off-road carts are very helpful in keeping you in your seat when you hit those hard jumps. Withrepparttar 138042 safety features covered, it is also important to remember that without quality performing engine and other mechanical parts, you entire purpose of thrill riding is defeated. For this, manufacturers have come up with specialty features, such asrepparttar 138043 torque converter, for off-roading go carts. The torque converter senses different demands onrepparttar 138044 engine depending on terrain and is constantly varies to push forrepparttar 138045 most exciting ride. The more serious you become inrepparttar 138046 hobby of off-roading go carts,repparttar 138047 more you will learn aboutrepparttar 138048 engine accessories you can have added to improverepparttar 138049 off road performance.

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Racing ATVs at any Level

Written by Mitch Johnson

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No matter how diverserepparttar varying types of ATV races may be,repparttar 137766 diversity within any given ATV competition is greater. Within each ATV tournament many different types of riders are involved. Whether it is a single race or a series of races, riders are classified into racing groups, which arerepparttar 137767 riders they will be competing against essentially. The racing classifications are determined by different standards, depending onrepparttar 137768 rank of competition you are involved in. The type of ATV you drive, its capabilities and motor classification arerepparttar 137769 main determining factors in grouping ATV racers. In 2004repparttar 137770 standards and rules changed for which class you and your ATV fall in, and they will continue to change as administrators figure out what rules runrepparttar 137771 best races.

As a result ofrepparttar 137772 multiple classifications of ATV riders, there may be several first place winners in a single race if several classifications are racingrepparttar 137773 same track atrepparttar 137774 same time. The classes of riders are onlyrepparttar 137775 beginning of diversity within a race. The multiple types, styles and designs of ATVs are reason forrepparttar 137776 different classes, which creates even more variety inrepparttar 137777 sport.

Whilerepparttar 137778 competition level among ATV racers is high, there are still those who are learning or they just enjoy racing recreationally. For these types of ATVers, you can find local trails or racing tracks. They will often coordinate ATV races with whatever riders are available and some tracks will plan a weekend tournament for all local riders.

Mitch Johnson is a successful freelance author that writes regularly for http://www.atv-parts-n-accessories.com/, a site that focuses exclusively on atv reviews, as well as tips on choosing parts and accessories. His articles have also been featured on recreational automotive sites such as:

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