Take the Guesswork out of Web Site Analysis

Written by Yi Zhou

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New features in v. 3.0 include Marketing Reports that let you track visitors by marketing campaign, Geographic Reports that let you track visitors by US city and state, a log file exporting feature that lets you trim unnecessary data before you perform your analysis (for example, "hits" on JPG and GIF files),repparttar ability to track authenticated visitors, support for additional search engines, and enhanced command-line execution options.

123LogAnalyzer runs on Windows 95/98/Me/NT4/2000/XP PC, Linux, Mac OSX, Free BSD, and Sun Solaris platforms. Its intuitive interface requires no technical knowledge. The program supports and auto-detects major web server log files in all popular formats.

The program produces reports in real-time. On a 800Mhz PIII computer running Windows 2000, it can analyze 94,000 lines of log file data per second, or a little over 1GB of data per minute.

Inrepparttar 133606 short term, 123LogAnalyzer pinpoints new opportunities to attract more visitors and customers by telling you which of your web pages are working and which aren't. Inrepparttar 133607 long term,repparttar 133608 program lets you understand shifts in visitors' browsing and buying behavior, and gives yourepparttar 133609 information you need to give your web site a sales tune-up.

123LogAnalyzer v. 3.0 costs $129.95(US), comes with an unconditional 60-day money-back guarantee, and may be purchased securely online at http://www.123loganalyzer.com/. There are no monthly fees or usage charges. You can download a 25-day trial version, with four ofrepparttar 133610 seven advanced visitor-analysis filters activated. For more information, contact ZY Computing, 111 N. Market St., Suite 614, San Jose, CA 95113. E-mail: Support@123loganalyzer.com Internet:http://www.123loganalyzer.com/.

About ZY Computing, Inc.:

Established in 1991, ZY Computing has been developing and marketing Windows productivity and entertainment software. In addition to 123LogAnalyzer, ZY Computing also offers MP3 CD Maker, a Windows MP3 application that makes it simple to create normal audio CDs for your car or home CD player from your favorite MP3 files.

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Evaluation Copy Available on Request

Founder of ZY Computing, Inc

Increase traffic? Now there's a MILLION dollor question.

Written by jim Peters

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I am a firm believer in links. I have written onrepparttar subject a number of times. I'll relate A good example of why I'm so link happy!.

We have a small obscure resource site sitting all alone inrepparttar 133605 middle of one of our domains. The page itself was just a 5 minute project to fill a hole we needed filled about 2 years ago.

To make a long story short, because of links to other sites that 1 page sees 3 to 4 hundred visitors a day every day, day in and day out. The traffic count increases by 30% every month. A New York radio station picked uprepparttar 133606 URL for that page and has it featured on their website. That's why I'm link happy.

The first thing you need is accurate tracking of your traffic. A site counter is not tracking your site visitors. Until you have a valid tracking method to track where your traffic is coming from where it's going, how long its staying, what time it arrived, what time it left, how many of your pages did they visit,what key words brought them to your site, what search engine sent them, what other site sent them ( from your links! remember) your wasting your time promoting.

Until you haverepparttar 133607 system in place to track all ofrepparttar 133608 above and more, allrepparttar 133609 site promotion inrepparttar 133610 world won't help. And why is that you say? Very simply put, you have no earthly idea what's working and what's not!

"Your Success Is Our Success"


[ jim Peters is Manager of NSI "SOLUTIONS". NSI specializes in custom website design,promotion, maintenance, domain registration ,site hosting ,site and graphic design, as well as e-commerce packages for small to medium sized companies. In other words "SOLUTIONS".]

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