Take a look around; do you think things are balanced in our world?

Written by Jesse S. Somer

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Now let us look at one ofrepparttar hardest situations to perceive as being balanced:repparttar 132216 tragedy. Let's say someone you know and love dearly dies suddenly in a car accident. I am very sorry to imagine this scenario but we have to be aware that driving is one ofrepparttar 132217 most dangerous pastimes in contemporary society. First of all there isrepparttar 132218 grief and suffering that comes withrepparttar 132219 loss of this intimate connection inrepparttar 132220 physical world. However,repparttar 132221 experience can also be looked at in a positive light for many reasons. We learn so much about life and ourselves from tragedy. We learn about how much we truly loved that person when we look back in retrospect at allrepparttar 132222 good times you had together. We become stronger individuals afterrepparttar 132223 period of suffering passes so that if another crisis presents itself on our path we might just berepparttar 132224 only one who can act in that intense moment. We also learn one ofrepparttar 132225 most important rules in our reality here inrepparttar 132226 Universe, that everything (including ourselves) is temporary.

The Universe will always exist, but all within it is in constant flux. This is another paradox of balance that rings true: temporary existence within permanent existence. If you look at anything long enough you will see that there are always multiple ways of perceiving it. However, once you've judged or assessed that item or concept, you will find thatrepparttar 132227 opposite belief or perspective can also be seen as true. Most probably someone will point it out to you whether you like it or not.

Let's take this article itself as example. I might see it as something very relevant and important. I might believe that it is a good representation of my views on reality and be happy that I have been givenrepparttar 132228 opportunity to share them with whichever of my fellow beings wishes to read my ideas. However, someone else may perceive this article as a total waist of time, a blast of hot air from some nobody who believes that they know something. The funny thing is that that person may also berepparttar 132229 voice of my own shadow-side that lives within. That is what I mean about balance: it is everywhere.

Jesse S. Somer M6.Net http://www.m6.net Jesse S. Somer is one soul within the great human family proving that the Internet can give us all a voice.

A Tale of Two Lives

Written by Terry Dashner

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I ask you. Where arerepparttar Pat Tillmans today? Many no longer exist, having laid down their lives for their fellowman. At a time when America could benefit greatly fromrepparttar 132214 stories of men like Tillman, America is having to endurerepparttar 132215 force-fed-slop of journalists who are looking to make a name for themselves, even if it means trashing men like Tillman. Shame on them. They, by their self-promotion, are driving this nation to despair. Because of men like Tillman I feel good about America, my faith, and my service to this country. It is men like Tillman that make me want to reflect on goodness instead of evil, character instead of wrongdoing, blessings instead of denunciations. I pledge to honor Tillman’s sacrifice and thank God for his selfless devotion to my country on every occasion. So help me, God.

This isrepparttar 132216 tale of only two lives. But I could have included yours. I'm sure you're probably not a world-class athlete or a war hero, but nonetheless, you are virtuous. Why do I say this?The fact that you support your community and trust God, while others harbor disdain and contempt about America, tells something about you. The fact that you can read a paper like this and be moved by it speaks volumes about your pride and character. You,repparttar 132217 everyday person that prays and works forrepparttar 132218 good of others, you arerepparttar 132219 one who carries this nation. Ifrepparttar 132220 country were left to naysayers only, it would become yesterday’s news overnight.

In each of these stories, I named an individual who turned his back onrepparttar 132221 good life to serve his fellowman and who ultimately gaverepparttar 132222 supreme sacrifice---his life. Please be advised, virtue won't be found in every person because it’s a rare gem and costs more than some are willing to pay; however, for those who do possess it and share its value willingly, I think America would do well to learn from these beautify people and esteem their heroism above all else. What is needed in America, more than greater material possessions, more thanrepparttar 132223 “right” politicians, more thanrepparttar 132224 harangue of Hollywood’s elite, is more Adults modeling virtuous lives beforerepparttar 132225 little ones. If we lose this generation to self-interest, we will lose, period. I think America is at a crossroads in history. She can move forward and changerepparttar 132226 world by current world events, or she can move into isolation and despair, hopingrepparttar 132227 world goes away. The later choice is weak and unrealistic. The times are not going to get easier, according torepparttar 132228 Bible; therefore, we need to batten downrepparttar 132229 hatches and sow seeds of true character and virtue, to harvestrepparttar 132230 New World that’s soon coming. Remember, character still counts. I ask you, can America count on you?

Terry Dashner.

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