Take Spectacular Nighttime Photos with your Digital Camera - Part I

Written by Andrew Malek

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* Plan your photos before you shoot! While it is always a good idea to study an area first, this is crucial if you are planning on snapping photographs around dusk! You will not have much time to plan, and if you spend five or ten minutes just getting a perfect angle or framingrepparttar perfect shot,repparttar 116085 overall lighting will change asrepparttar 116086 sun slowly sets. And of course, remember when composing your photos thatrepparttar 116087 sun sets inrepparttar 116088 west.

* Be prepared forrepparttar 116089 environment. If you're heading out by yourself, especially in a semi-deserted wilderness area, always carry a map so you remember how to get to your home, camp, or hotel. Checkrepparttar 116090 weather before you go and wear a poncho or coat if necessary. Carry a flashlight, or, inrepparttar 116091 most extreme environments, a flare, to help others find you if you become lost. Also, bring along a WELL-CHARGED cell phone in case of emergency! You're taking photos at night to have fun and create spectacular results. Be prepared for unexpected situations so they don't ruin your experience.

Whilerepparttar 116092 results can be outstanding, night photography presents its own unique benefits and hazards. Not just any digital camera will do; lower-end models may not haverepparttar 116093 capability of taking spectacular shots. Timing is crucial, especially when taking pictures inrepparttar 116094 brief time between dusk and total darkness. And,repparttar 116095 environment and weather can play havoc with your plans. By purchasingrepparttar 116096 correct equipment, studyingrepparttar 116097 subject area before nighttime falls, and dealing with unexpected situations withrepparttar 116098 correct nighttime gear, you can be better prepared to take amazing nighttime photos.

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Learn about the traditional Chinese sailing ships

Written by Jakob Jelling

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There are specific indications on how and whererepparttar sailing ships should be placed. Sailing ships should be insiderepparttar 116084 house and next torepparttar 116085 main door. If it is in your working space, it should also be inside it and right next torepparttar 116086 door. Besides, it is important that it is facing inside symbolizing that it carries prosperity into your space. If it is pointing outside, it might producerepparttar 116087 opposite effect and send prosperity away.

Ifrepparttar 116088 door is atrepparttar 116089 northwest or west ofrepparttar 116090 building,repparttar 116091 sailing ship you choose should be made of metal in order to create harmony for that area. Onrepparttar 116092 other hand, ifrepparttar 116093 door is atrepparttar 116094 east or southeast, your sailing ship should be made of wood; and ifrepparttar 116095 door is atrepparttar 116096 northeast or southwest you should place a crystal ship next to it. By following these indications, you would not only be attracting prosperity intorepparttar 116097 wished space, but also applying feng shui principles and creating balance betweenrepparttar 116098 main elements.

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