Take Control of Your Visual Aids

Written by Ron Sathoff

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In a case like this, you should always try to test out equipment BEFORE you giverepparttar presentation. As you testrepparttar 125594 equipment, make sure thatrepparttar 125595 audience can see and hearrepparttar 125596 visual aid. Most importantly, become familiar with how to userepparttar 125597 equipment. The last thing you want to do is hit "record" when you mean to hit "play"!

This same principle holds true for all visual aids, whether they are audio clips, computer presentations, or even posterboards with graphs written on them. Always try to testrepparttar 125598 visual aid inrepparttar 125599 actual setting, and try to imaginerepparttar 125600 potential problems that could occur.

As a last piece of advice, always have a "contingency plan" ready in case your visual aids fail you. It might not happen, but if it does, at least you will be prepared for it!

Ron Sathoff, manager of http://InternetWriters.com, offers a full range of services to business and professional speakers, including speech writing and editing, personal coaching, and presentation development. You can reach him at ron@drnunley.com or 801-328-9006.

To-the-point... What's the message?

Written by Robert Poulton

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Start by understanding where it begins...repparttar foundation of your communications.

Like a brick building,repparttar 125593 foundation of our communication was built one “Agreement” at a time during our personal domestication. We accepted these agreements from others and/or ones that we made with ourselves. Three examples of these agreements; a› I never do well on tests, b› I can’t speak to large groups of people, or c› I will be impeccable with my word, stating exactly what I mean or want.

Your -Agreements- setrepparttar 125594 parameters or limits of our perspective,repparttar 125595 position from which you view, observe, experience and interact with your environment and life.

Your perspective in turn setsrepparttar 125596 boundaries for our perceptions, what we know based on our perspective.

Think about this... because you will always remember it when you need it and you need it everyday.

Your AGREEMENTS set your PERSPECTIVE, your perspective limits your PERCEPTIONS and your perceptions limit your BELIEFS. Oops, I all most for got... ASSUMPTIONS.

Assumptions arerepparttar 125597 windows torepparttar 125598 unknown, fuzzy at best, mostly outdated andrepparttar 125599 basis for most of our beliefs.

Guess what drives your life and your business?...

What’s this have to do withrepparttar 125600 MESSAGE and its MEANING?... How and what you communicate?...

Your agreements, perspective, perceptions and beliefs are different thanrepparttar 125601 person or group of people you are communicating with.

The key to achieving your objectives 25-50% faster is validating thatrepparttar 125602 message sent and its meaning is identical torepparttar 125603 message and meaning received.

If you have limiting-agreements instead of empowering agreements, how will you be able to clearly communicate your true message and its meaning?

Remember, not all of your agreements were originally yours, you accepted them from others as they were presented to you when you were growing up. I don't know about you, but I don’t want to give control of my life over to someone else.

Words arerepparttar 125604 catalyst for action and actions deliver outcomes... How important is communication and its foundation to you?

Think about it... and we will continue this conversation another day...

Robert Poulton has successfully completed over 50 business turnarounds that range from moving a company from a $46,000,000 annual loss to net positive revenues of $7,000,000 within 18 months. Additional information is available by visiting: http://www.u2canprofit.com or drop him a note at rpoulton@u2canprofit.com

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