Take Control and Master Your Kitchen

Written by Gregory Thomas

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You know you are running low on an item by simply opening your well organized pantry and determining what needs to be restocked.

Planning Your Meals


Now that your kitchen has been cleaned and well stocked, it's time to put it to use.

It works best if you planrepparttar following days meals,repparttar 149375 night before. This is not hard or very time consuming. Five minutes before going to bed, simply open your cupboards and see what you can plan for breakfast, lunch, and dinner forrepparttar 149376 following day.

Start off just planning one day at a time. Later, as you adjust to this style of living, you'll be able to planrepparttar 149377 whole week just by looking atrepparttar 149378 contents within your kitchen.

What also is a must is creativity. Try to steer away from traditional hamburger and hot dog meals. Get creative with your meals. There are literally hundreds of different combinations that can be made to give you and your familyrepparttar 149379 variety they need.

For example, think of allrepparttar 149380 combinations you can put together with rice or potatoes (ie: rice and vegetables, rice and beans, rice with chicken, rice and soup, rice with eggrolls, etc...) And that's just with rice! You have a ton of options. Takerepparttar 149381 time to think of, or search for some.

Here are a few websites that offer a number of recipes and cooking ideas:






The whole goal of this exercise is to eliminate unnecessary trips and excessive spending atrepparttar 149382 market in addition to creatively using what you have in your kitchen to prepare meals forrepparttar 149383 week/month.The more times you go torepparttar 149384 market,repparttar 149385 more chances you have of spending your money on foods you may not need.

Organize and master your kitchen, plan out your meals, stock your storage areas, and you can save $100-$400 a month (depending on your spending habits ;-)

Best of luck mastering your kitchen!

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How to Get Your Children Brand Free

Written by Gregory Thomas

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Soon, you will have your child(ren) deciding "Is a Quarter Pounder Meal worth $4.50 out of my savings?" or "Do I really need that new video game that cost $50?".

This "brand free" approach can be applied to all other shopping areas aside fromrepparttar supermarket example.

When you are shopping for clothes, ONLY buyrepparttar 149374 necessities. Ignorerepparttar 149375 most expensive and most popular items. Only buy what you, orrepparttar 149376 children, absolutely need, ignore allrepparttar 149377 rest.

Regarding toys and games, you can make it so that your children ONLY get "free" toys on Christmas and their birthdays. If they want something additional, they must purchaserepparttar 149378 item with their own money.

Taking These Ideas One Step Further

Once you have inspired your children to participate in this money saving, "brand free" lifestyle, it's time to MOTIVATE them to help increase their success.

As with everything in life, having a goal to strive for greatly increasesrepparttar 149379 probability of success.

Goals help us stay focused onrepparttar 149380 task at hand. Goals helprepparttar 149381 individual strive for something tangible that's meaningful or important to them.

A runner's goal may be to shave 10 seconds off their lap time. This runner will then practice, workout, and time themselves, striving to run a lap 10 seconds faster than before.

In our "brand free" exercise, you may want to come up with a goal that you and your children can strive towards. For example, you could establish a short term goal that states, if your children can eat healthy and not ask for any "brand name stuff" for two months, you will take them to any movie they want to see.

Here are some more ideas forrepparttar 149382 various goal ranges:

Short Term: 1-3 months

picnic, trip to beach, movie of their choice

Medium Range: 3-8 months

new game, doll house, Chuck-E-Cheese trip

Long Term: 8-12 months

Disneyland trip, Water Theme park, day atrepparttar 149383 carnival

Sticking To Your Plan

Regardless what your decide to implement, remember that this is your plan. You arerepparttar 149384 parent, so you decide what's best for your children. Don't take any negative remarks or any bad mouthing from your kids in regards to this new lifestyle. Stick with it!

Just keep in mind that these exercises and lessons will benefit your children inrepparttar 149385 long run regardless of what they may think of it atrepparttar 149386 moment.

Best wishes teaching your children to be "brand free" and money conscious.

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This article tackles the issue of getting your children "brand free". If approached correctly, not only will your children become "brand free", but they will have learned valuable lessons on budgeting and managing their finances.

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