Take Charge of Your Career - You Don't Have a Choice

Written by Richard Stooker

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Work for a company and you get a paycheck at regular intervals, as long asrepparttar company needs you, does not go out of business and is not merged or bought out by another company.

However,repparttar 123889 owner of a pest control business has irregular income, but from maybe 1000 or so different customers.

If one of those customers moves away or switches to a competitor,repparttar 123890 pest control owner still receives income fromrepparttar 123891 other 999.

Given reasonable management and marketing, pest control businesses will survive as long asrepparttar 123892 world contains mice, roaches and others.

I wonder how many Enron employees now wish they were pest exterminators?

I don't expect techies to kill fleas.

I do expect thatrepparttar 123893 techies who understand they must constantly search for new ways to help people -- whether employers or customers -- will make a lot of money in thisrepparttar 123894 third millenium.

Techies who just want management to leave them alone to code will have a niche whenrepparttar 123895 economy is booming as in 1999. In bad times, pray for good luck.

It's up to us to shape our futures byrepparttar 123896 actions we take now.

Dorepparttar 123897 minimum, reaprepparttar 123898 minimum.

Do a good job, receive your fair share.

Takerepparttar 123899 initiative and use your creativity and hard work to far beyond where you are now, and harvestrepparttar 123900 abundance ofrepparttar 123901 Earth.

Your choice.

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Written by Arleen M. Kaptur

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By having just one wing, our grandparents needed each other, our parents needed others, and as children it was always easier to play games and have fun with someone else. Even if you live alone, and have only one wing, books, music, television, or whatever source of information you may have, there just waiting for you is someone with another wing. It may be a writer who inspires you with their written words, or a musician whose music soothes your soul. Whoever it is, and whatever method is used to reach you, with two wings you haverepparttar strength and endurance to face a new day and acceptrepparttar 123888 challenges and possibilities. Now this is truly deep - no one is ever really alone. Even if you are totally isolated on an island from all other human contact, you share your garden, or your fresh fish withrepparttar 123889 creatures that inhabit your area. Nature accepts and provides. It gives yourepparttar 123890 earth to plant, and you give your left-overs back through careful recycling, mulching, or feeding of assorted animals and life forms. Itís fun sometimes just to think of how this entire system works.

So letís celebrate knowing that we each have one-wing and that to soar inrepparttar 123891 sky, to reachrepparttar 123892 moon, and to fly amid planets and other worlds, we need each other. In whatever method your other wing may come (personally, inrepparttar 123893 written word, music, or nature) acceptrepparttar 123894 genius inrepparttar 123895 plan and rejoice that you are a one-wing delight to every form of life on our planet. The possibilities are limitless,repparttar 123896 challenges are many, and oh,repparttar 123897 wonder of it all. ©Arleen M.Kaptur 2002 June

Arleen Kaptur has written numerous articles, cookbooks, and the novel: SEARCHING FOR AUSTIN JAMES Websites: http://www.arleenssite.com http://www.Arleens-RusticLiving.com http://www.webspawner.com/users/rusticliving http://topica.com/lists.simpleliving

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