Take A Break!

Written by Janice D. Byer, MVA

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Sit down to a special meal. In our busy lives, our schedules can sometimes cross paths and we may not have time to eat meals together. But, we need to! So, whether you want a romantic meal with your partner or a family meal withoutrepparttar TV turned on, be sure to mark it on everyone’s calendar and then just sit and enjoy each other’s company.

Take a trip. Once again, it is important to take yourself completely out ofrepparttar 117438 entrepreneurial setting. That means that you need to get away from home…repparttar 117439 place where your office may reside. Whether it is a day out withrepparttar 117440 family, a weekend away atrepparttar 117441 cottage, or a week or two on a sunny beach, every little bit of R&R can have a rejuvenating effect.

Soak your troubles away. One ofrepparttar 117442 most relaxing feelings there is! There is nothing like a long soak in a warm tub or whirlpool. Even a sauna or hot shower can do wonders to relieverepparttar 117443 tension.

Take up a hobby or exercise. Have you always wanted to build birdhouses? Or, how about joining a gym? Why not start now? It may be helpful to start off slow so, don’t choose something that requires following a schedule. Eventually you can move on to taking classes or joining a sports team. Hobbies and sports can help to get your mind off of any worries you may have.

Even sitting down in a quiet spot to write an article, like this one, can help ease frayed nerves.

So, no matter how you choose to relax, please remember that you are entitled to some time to just put your feet up, at least for a little while. Taking a break can help you to relax and perhaps get a new perspective on things.

Janice Byer is a certified Master Virtual Assistant and owner of Docu-Type Administrative & Web Design Services (http://www.docutype.net). Visit her website to read more of her articles, sign up for her award-winning newsletter, and browse the her various services, testimonials and resources.

Computer In The Shop? What Do You Do Now?

Written by Janice D. Byer, MVA

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4.Clean up your office. Now isrepparttar perfect time to organize allrepparttar 117437 piles of paper on your desk and file them away. You never know what you will find under there and how great it will be to seerepparttar 117438 nice wood that your desk is made of again.

5.Write an article. Wild guess when I wrote this article? You guessed it… I sat in my comfortable rocking chair, watched my daughter play, and jotted down my thoughts.

6.Catch up on phone calls. You know all those quotations that you have been sending out? Now isrepparttar 117439 time to follow-up on them. Or, have you been wanting to contact someone just because? Withoutrepparttar 117440 distraction of your “you have mail” dinger going off, make that call.

7.Give your home a little spring clean. Those dust bunnies have been around long enough. It’s time to send them packing. Cleaning cannot only separate you from your daily work routine,repparttar 117441 end result is great! Untilrepparttar 117442 kids get back home.

8.Do something nice for yourself. Have a long soak inrepparttar 117443 tub but keep that phone away fromrepparttar 117444 edge ofrepparttar 117445 tub. This may be hard to do because we always want to be there for our clients if they call. But you deserve a break every once in a while to help recharge your batteries.

These are just a few ideas to help you stay productive, in one form or another, while you are without your computer.

But, one thing to remember if you are going to be unavailable for any length of time… advise your clients and contacts of your down time. Send an email to all of them advising them that you will be out ofrepparttar 117446 office or just without a computer for a few days. This way, should they happen to send an email to you for whatever reason, they will know why you didn’t respond to them right away.

Janice Byer is a certified Master Virtual Assistant and owner of Docu-Type Administrative & Web Design Services (http://www.docutype.net). See this and other articles on her website.

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