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Written by Ieuan Dolby

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Feeling Hungry I would then consider lunch and look around forrepparttar shop that advertises half price lunches orrepparttar 113246 one that I have a coupon for a free drink from. Back onrepparttar 113247 road it would be off torepparttar 113248 Department Stores to act upon all those incentives that came with my Credit Cards. The first one and I come out with freely given set of Cooking Pots that I do not need but because I have a Visa Card I must not ignore. The next store suggests that I spend over 400NT Dollars inrepparttar 113249 Store and then they will give to me an Electric Fan. Armed with my fan and set of cooking pots and 400 Dollars worth of food I enterrepparttar 113250 last Department Store inrepparttar 113251 area.

Umbrellas here today, a free umbrella because I have a Visa Card? Yep, but how am I going to fit it intorepparttar 113252 umbrella stand back home as that is filled and squashed full with hundreds of other similar products received previously. Never rains in winter in Southern Taiwan anyway. But it is free!

Overloaded with products and wishing that it would rain I now have to buy some milk. Yes buy, as we actually need some milk back home. Enteringrepparttar 113253 Supermarket I am glad that at last I am doing something worthwhile, that I am not after a free gift or extra stamp and that I am just doing what I would like to do: to buy something. Was I ever so wrong!

I hate shopping for milk. Standing atrepparttar 113254 Milk Fridge I am bombarded from all sides by various ladies trying to attract me to their milk product. Each one offering tastes and price reductions, waving bottles in my face and cornering me, isolating me fromrepparttar 113255 outside world. Buying milk is not easy, it is an exercise in patience and perseverance, don’t lose control or you will be pulled under. Best to stand far away fromrepparttar 113256 fridge and out of sight, put your eye onrepparttar 113257 product that you want and then charge towards it, grab it and make a fast getaway. If that is, at all possible?

I leftrepparttar 113258 supermarket with my milk, cartons of blueberry yogurt issued freely with that brand that had been chosen for me and feeling sick onrepparttar 113259 samples that had been forced down my throat! I also left cursing myself for buyingrepparttar 113260 reduced ‘larger’ sized carton when all I wanted was a little one.

That is Milk buying!

Anyway, time to go back home and drop of allrepparttar 113261 purchases before buying that much needed drink that had Five Dollars off - if I bringrepparttar 113262 token along.

Drink in hand my computer program now tells me that it is time to go torepparttar 113263 large supermarket to get a free blanket on my visa card! Buy a carton of Orange Juice because they are on promotion – buy one get one free. Then ontorepparttar 113264 out-of-town department store to get their visa card because today they are offering free teddy bears. Won’t get one today but I will be ready for next time.

Yes, I could go on and on and on. And if you think about it these “freebies” andrepparttar 113265 quest to get them could control your life. On a certain day you must go to a certain shop, on a certain day you must eat a particular food – simply because they are freebies included or are on special offer.

It is not that bad. I do not have a computer program – only imagining my little notice board becoming one. I think I will keeprepparttar 113266 notice board as it is and maybe atrepparttar 113267 New Year just throw everything away and start again.

In reality life is not likerepparttar 113268 possibilities opened up above. Ninety percent of life is lived normally and whilst ignoring allrepparttar 113269 free incentives that come your way. Only by accident do we pick up onrepparttar 113270 freebies and likerepparttar 113271 cheese they are mostly unplanned. Even if one is to pick up onrepparttar 113272 gifts it does not seem to be what you require or save you money inrepparttar 113273 long-term. The pans and plates that we obtained throughrepparttar 113274 Department stores seem to rust very quickly or crack for unknown reasons,repparttar 113275 blankets are all nylon and feel itchy andrepparttar 113276 shopping bags seem to have big holes inrepparttar 113277 bottoms after one use.

The food situation is often a lie. Take for examplerepparttar 113278 con that we entered into in Kenting,repparttar 113279 holiday resort. Kenting is a lovely place and although a bit expensive it is well worthrepparttar 113280 escape fromrepparttar 113281 Big Smoke of Kaohsiung. Walking along my wife and I saw this large notice that advertised a 199NT Dollar meal complete with Soup, Main Course, Dessert and a drink. At that price it was a bargain and I looked forwards torepparttar 113282 Steak and my wife some spicy chicken wings as advertised. Oooh, ah!

Sitting down inrepparttar 113283 restaurantrepparttar 113284 attentive staff brought us our free drink of choice. But upon openingrepparttar 113285 menu all did not seem, as it should. My steak alone cost a minimum of 450NT Dollars! Upon enquiryrepparttar 113286 waitress informed us thatrepparttar 113287 199NT Dollar meal was only for lunch and that we should have looked atrepparttar 113288 small print onrepparttar 113289 notice outside. Small Print? Need a magnifying glass for that.

Well, we looked at each other, my wife wanting to storm out and go somewhere else and I just wanting to finish my beer and then to wander off. I won and I ordered some Taco Chips with cheese to go withrepparttar 113290 drinks. Taco Chips with Cheese? Not really very hard to make as far as this restaurant was concerned as all they did was open a packet and pourrepparttar 113291 contents into a bowl. One packet of crisps cost us 180NT Dollars,repparttar 113292 drinks that were not free broughtrepparttar 113293 bill to nearly 500NT dollars and we had not even eaten yet.

So beware of cons, they are always out and about!

The house back home is filled with these free gifts and I am tripping over them everywhere. I cannot sell them as everybody else hasrepparttar 113294 same problem and throwing them out seems to be such a waste. If possible it is best to use them and hope that they fall apart or wear themselves out in time. The only actual items that I have found to be of any use arerepparttar 113295 tissues, boxes and boxes of them obtained free everywhere I go. I do feel that allrepparttar 113296 free tissues I have received will allow me to never buy another packet again and they of all things have shown a saving in money. Those andrepparttar 113297 latest handy-sized traveler’s bag that I got fromrepparttar 113298 Department Store!

Remember: “Nothing is for free” but then again never kick a “Free Gift Horse inrepparttar 113299 Mouth”.

Ieuan Dolby is the Author and Webmaster of Seamania . As a Chief Engineer in the Merchant Navy he has sailed the world for fifteen years. Now living in Taiwan he writes about cultures across the globe and life as he sees it.

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